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Lavalamp3083d ago

Glad to see Bastion first on the list. Can't wait to get my hands on it! And with Catherine on the 26th and From Dust on the 27th, it's gonna be an awesome July!

Chuk53083d ago

I'm pleasantly surprised to see Bastion first, I pegged for august really. But I'm not complaining at all. Now if only I knew how much ms.splosion man was, I'd be fully set.

maniacmayhem3083d ago

Summer of Arcade just keeps getting better every year.

Bastion for the win!

jetlian3083d ago

1 game this year looks to be a winner, from dust! toy soldiers maybe. Bastion looks ok but i'm not feeling the whole level building as you walk style.

wheres that chinese wushu game and dust esylian tale

maniacmayhem3083d ago

Bastion looks great, i love the style and the narration as you play the game.

Twisted Planet looks fun and again I love the art style.

Toy Soldiers also looks awesome, I'll pick that up in a later date tho.

Wow, two disagrees, the ONLY disagrees on this page. I swear I have some disagree fairies following me.

jetlian3083d ago

they all are nice just none are l can't wait for and 15 dollars doesn't help. l still need to beat deathspank 1. torchlight was good though.

l also need to get on tomb raider. maybe l'm tired of the diablo style right now

Cheeseknight283083d ago

The 3 games I want are the first 3, that has never happened before. Pity every one of them is 1200!

Optical_Matrix3083d ago

"Bastion" (Supergiant Games/Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment)
Release Date: 20 July
Price: 1200 Microsoft Points

Thats all I need to know

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