Epic “have the best cinematics of any games out there,” says Rein

The only thing stopping Gears of War 3 from looking like a movie is the fact it has to run on the Xbox 360, says Epic’s Mark Rein – and Unreal Engine 3 is already ready for the “DX11 generation” of consoles.

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zootang2723d ago

Never mind Uncharted, I don't think they are better than Grand Theft Auto.

sdtarm2723d ago

Epic thinks that blah blah blah

Naughty were you saying something?

Iroquois_Pliskin2723d ago

Metal Gear Solid 1-4, Peace Walker and Portable Ops also say hi

egidem2723d ago

Uncharted came to mind, especially Uncharted 2's cinematics. Excellent work done right there like the very first scene where Drake meets Flyn at that beach...

morganfell2723d ago

MGS4 for in engine and Blizzard for everything else.

Active Reload2723d ago

It's getting salty in here, lol.

NateCole2723d ago

Only one person here mentioned Blizzard. Blizzard by far makes the best.

NoBias2723d ago

Yeah Blizzard dominates the cinematics department. Hands down.

Boody-Bandit2723d ago

Rein can say what ever floats his boat but reality says otherwise.

jetlian2723d ago

this isn't about super computers doing cinematics its gaming engines doing them.

gamingdroid2723d ago

Blizzard by far is hands down the best. Their cinematics isn't just about graphics, but how you build up and deliver it!

lil Titan2723d ago

the cut scenes in Metal Gear Solid 4 was literally a movie so unless they are talking only 360 i have a list of games to name

Mr_Lu_Kim2723d ago

"Epic’s Mark Rein – and Unreal Engine 3 is already ready for the “DX11 generation” of consoles."


-Even the 720 and PS4 will not push DX11 and that's a fact.
-Gears 3 will not use DX11 that's a fact.
-Gears 3 will look only slightly and only just slightly better than Gears 2 fact again.

If these CGI scenes do look better than anything else which they do not, they would be running on a fair beast PC rig and you would never see the same on the final console game.

Plus I have seen far better cinematics than that anyway, we all have.

I hate PR people, we would all be better off if they all died. Go get a real job Rein. I call Bullshit oh sorry I mean bullshot.

LastDance2723d ago

I dont know if this counts,, but has anyone noticed how frikking good Assassins Creed promotional cinematics are? The prerendered ones. there are times where I couldnt tell if it was a live action or CGI.

and they str awesome.

Edit: The latest one is that ezio one. Also thinking of the masquerade party one with ezio also!

Shepherd 2142723d ago

GTA4 and Red Dead Redemption have very well directed cutscenes. Halo, MGS, andseveral more have way better cutscenes than Gears, and i own them all.

gaden_malak2722d ago

No Bioware? Star Wars - The Old Republic have epic trailers

Anarki2722d ago

O'hai. Uncharted rang, they lulz'd

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Megaton2723d ago

Half the other games out there say hi. Pretty goofy statement from Rein.

theonlylolking2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

Epic games and crytek might be my least favorite devs that make major titles. The funny thing is that they both make major game engines.

catguykyou2722d ago

Did you read the article? He basically said if Gears 3 was running on the new UNREAL engine they used to show Samaritan, it would look movie quality. How does this have ANYTHING to do with other games? He even said the 360 is keeping them from doing this (duh) because it doesn't support dx11.

It blows my mind why people are talking about other games looking better. It's just off topic.

IcarusOne2722d ago

Uncharted and GOW3 are using prerendered cinematics which disqualifies them from this conversation. MGS4, Gears, and anything Rockstar are all rendered on the fly which is way more impressive.

This guy wasn't trying to start a flame war, but of course you knew someone was going to take this quote out of context.

carlosjrix2723d ago

gears, halo, uncharted and killzone would be better on pc.. every pc/360/ps3 gamer should know that..

TreMillz2723d ago

nah...the lack of sales from piracy wouldnt help bring in the cash to up the quality of the games

jlar2723d ago

No it wouldn't, mainly because of the people who play them. They would never buy it if it was on a computer. Most people play on consoles, as well as wanting to play with a controller and not a keyboard.

Heck all my friends that are girls would never play on a keyboard, but at least try on a controller.

LeoDDestroyer2723d ago

Would they really? I really think these games came out the way they are because of the platform that they are on. I glad of this and wish there were more exclusives on all the platforms because this seem to drive competition between everyone.

ufo8mycat2723d ago

YAY lets downgrade the experience by playing it with a kb/mouse and on a tiny pc monitor....

Unless it's a MMORPG or RTS, it would be shit on PC. Take it from experience

BizDaWolf2723d ago

lol you are such a troll

DragonKnight2723d ago

Although I'm with you guys on the no PC stuff when it comes to the mentioned games, I feel I must point out that PC elitists will eventually come and point these things out...

"You can play with a controller on a PC."

"If you're playing on a tiny monitor, then you're a noob." (this one means that there are large, television sized monitors available for PC's and you can hook up a PC to a tv screen)

"Everyone knows that a mouse is faster and more accurate than a controller" (faster maybe, more accurate is debatable)

"blah blah blah tech... blah blah blah nvidia... blah blah blah gpu... blah blah blah $500"

Just getting that out of the way before they show up in droves. And believe me, they travel in packs.

rjdofu2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

PC fanboy should just STFU in every console article with your snobby comments. Own a console then you can play all of them.

MrCrimson2723d ago

These kids obviously didn't read the article. What this article says is that the UE3 is being bottlnecked by the X360, and if it wasn't for said bottle neck they would have the best cinematics by far. If there was no bottle neck however I think the award clearly goes to Crytek. The opening scene in Crysis 1 has in my eyes yet to be matched by any game, graphically speaking.

zinkabass2722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )

Good luck publishing a 50 Gig game like Killzone3 on PC,.. even with compression,.. It is simply not going to happen,..It could not be better on PC for that reason alone,..because of the scope of the content alone and sound quality,..

besides,.. Game is written for heavy Spu usage, same goes for any large Sony first party games.. It is really totally different way of rendering the image,..

IcarusOne2722d ago

Okay zinkabass...think these things through. BF3 is going to reign supreme on PC. It will destroy every other FPS out there, especially in the graphics and sound department, and to think that the PS3 could run it at the same specs as even a mediocre PC rig, is delusional.

KZ is not the holy grail of gaming, people. It's just not.

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jwatt2723d ago

I'm sure Gears 3 has great cinematics but that Uncharted 3 trailer felt like it could be shown in the movie theaters.

firemassacre2723d ago

lol at the title, its dumb

DrRichtofen2723d ago

He's just trying to hype everyone up for Gears 3, don't believe every thing he says lots of people do it for their games.

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L2723d ago

Exactly. I'll believe Epic when I see it.

Venox20082723d ago

Metal gear says hi ..especially MGS3, MGS4

darksied2723d ago

Not to mention Heavy Rain

Inside_out2723d ago

He's just stating the obvious and has clearly said that he " thinks " they are the best...

“ I’ve been playing Gears Of War 3 and the only thing stopping that looking like a movie is the Xbox 360, running in real-time "

So instead of the ridiculous amount of GB's Sony's exclusives waste on pre-rendered ( not in game )hd cut scenes, Epic runs them in real time, as does Crytek which is who Mark Rein is addressing. They don't care about PS3 exclusives as the people in the industry know it's all just a charade on PS3. Drake can't open a door or jump anywhere without triggering a pre-rendered cut as ND likes to call them...simulations...O_o

Games like Uncharted 2 and KZ3 are forced to add all those GB's of pre-rendered nonsense as to make it appear Blu-ray is made it clear it was NOT there idea to make KZ3 movie cut scene heavy but was told by Sony to do of the biggest complaints about the game.

Recently, L.A Bore did the same thing as it was originally suppose to be a PS3 exclusive. It took 3 disc's to add all those cut scenes on 360. HD video takes alot of space as KZ3 and Uncharted 2 can attest.

Gears looks fantastic and the vast majority of the cut scenes are actually on the fly, not requiring you to wait 10 minutes ( like the intro of Uncharted 2 )to continue playing.

Resident Evil 4 had the best use of cut scenes and RTE's seamlessly added to the great game-play and is the template that all the current games copied. Prince Of Persia, sands of Time is a game that is often ignored even tho many titles, including Uncharted and GOW robbed it blind.

I hate cut scenes UNLESS they are done the way Resident Evil 4 or Gears does them...on the fly with as little interruptions as possible.

GOTY Bioshock 1 used ingenious methods to keep the player immersed in what they were playing. All these fanboys crying over CUT SCENES is just pathetic. Cut scenes are NOT game play.

If you want to say Uncharted 2, or KZ3 or MGS4 have the best cut scenes...great...they definitely have the most ( GB ) in the HISTORY of gaming...o_O

WhiteLightning2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

lol....your whole post was just to defend Gears and epic, with what.....real time cutscenes

Who cares...

It's about the overall game and "Uncharted 2, KZ3, MGS4" all delivered

So basicaly a game could suck balls but have real time cutscenes, while you have an amazing game like, for example, Uncharted, which uses pre rendered in game cutscenes but you would still pick the crappy game over Uncharted because of what type of cutscenes they ¬¬

"If you want to say Uncharted 2, or KZ3 or MGS4 have the best cut scenes...great...they definitely have the most ( GB ) in the HISTORY of gaming...o_O"

More GB means more stuff can be on the disc, they're using blu rays advantages, they don't need to cut content so it will fit on the disc...cough cough, L.A. Noire/FF13...

KonaBro2723d ago

That was the most asinine, buttpained response I've heard in a long time. Nowhere in your rant did you put up any iota of a semi-decent argument and made yourself look like a whiny fanboy. Everyone is now dumber, having read it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul, troll.

jimbone792723d ago

@ KonaBro
Ok... and you mindless parroting of a 90's comedy was better? At least his was original.

fucadastates2723d ago

gow 3 has realtime cutscenes...

kaveti66162723d ago

major props to konabro for stealing a quote from a mediocre adam sandler movie rather than formulating his own thoughts.

Why o why2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

seems like konabro's comment drew more attention from 'some' than that whole comment written by inside out....strange that but NOT surprising:)

Anyway inside outs entitled to his opinion but it seems like a very very bitter one. All the downplaying of blu ray, goty and goty contenders just makes his comment seem a little ..... u know...hate driven as opposed to being lead by objectiveness, logic or even knowledge. Best to just wait for the games release i say. Time will tell....theres awards for everything nowadays. tally em up later if you really need to

DigitalRaptor2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

@ jimbone79

So as long as what he says is original it doesn't matter that it's complete and utter anti-Sony drivel?

I think logic went out the window a while ago.

cooperdnizzle2723d ago

Uncharted is real time cut scenes idiot. And also so are all of mgs4 cut scenes. You can move the camera the hole time. I just served you with like facts. "Cuts scenes
are not game play" Well, you a smart one aren't ya? Hhahaha your stupid.

pixelsword2722d ago

ALL of MGS4's cutscenes are ingame.

Not only can you "zoom in" when it's running, but some scenes you can switch angles while the scene is going. Most of all, your mask and Octocamo will have the patterns you had before you go into the scene... and if you shake your controller, if the octocamo has a patter, it will revert to it's standard color... ALL while the movie is playing.

jimbone792722d ago

@ DigitalRaptor
Yes, it does make it better. I will always choose something original over someone "copy cating" any day of the week. Anyone can repeat something, at least the other guy used his brain to think and write something out. I know that's an unpopular opinion on this site where the PS3 zealots run around high fiveing each other for spouting of advertizing catch phrases, but I still like people that think for themselves. You should try it sometime.

nycrekid2722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )


So you think that just because a developer uses ideas previously used to make a great game that they didn't use their brain in the process. What you think these games are made over night? you have no clue about the development of games bro so maybe you should not talk. EVERY developer takes ideas from each other. it's evolution and competition and it is the same in ANY industry.

Why do you think they have the GDC? because games development is an industry and most developers aren't freaking fanboys. They share tech and they share ideas. They inspire each other to do better.

It's in the cars industry, aircraft, cell phone, computers, graphics card. Name me ANY game or ANY product that doesn't have one thing that is derivative of another. Just one! The only thing you can name is the FIRST car, airplane, game, bicycle, cell phone, computer, monitor. The FIRST one.

With your logic you would choose the first car ever? good luck with that. If it went 5 mph i would be surprised.

What you are saying is that you would pick a crappy game if it was original over a great game cause it isn't? If that is not stupid then I don't know what is.

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kingdoms2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

LOL uncharted already looks dated compared to what's coming out now and has been for this year. As for cinamatics that's your ps3 fanboy unwavering opinion.

God dam.. why are ps3 fanboys so sensitive lately? There is no point trying to defend ps3's made up graphical prowess no believes you guys anymore based on what has came out and what's coming. I bet half of you linked what he said with attacking ps3 graphical capability.

Too many ps3 fanboys in here and all over the web trolling because ps3 is losing the race and ps3 true capability is being revealed

WhiteLightning2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )'s not about being a fanboy

I'm not a fanboy but I can truthfuly say that Uncharted 2 is more like a movie then Gears of War.

You can never be a fanboy when you state an opinion or fact. Most people like you tend to think so. The thing is though your comment makes you sound a little butthurt....are you a 360 fanboy and a Gears fan who is angry because more people agree with my comment...can you blame them it's true.
The only time you can call some one a fanboy is when they are actually being a fanboy by saying things like "The 360 sucks", "The Nintendo Wii is a stupid console that's crap", "The PS3 is rubbish and everyone who plays on it is gay" etc

Why don't you read up about what a real fanboy is...while your at it look up butthurt and apply it to yourself. I wouldn't be surprized if you were actualy a 360 troll since most of your comment is you calling the PS3.

What a Microsoft fanboy....why are 360 fanboys so sensitive latley because Sony are giving gamers what they want, more games and more exclusives.

Bonobo123452723d ago

LOL fanboys calling other fanboys faboys.

I'm a fanboy, But I can at least admit it to myself.

The only thing stopping gears of war and Halo from being Truly fantastic games, is that they have to run on a 360

Brosy2723d ago

WhiteLightning you are a PS3 fanboy, give it up with all of your sony nutlicking.

MrSpace2723d ago

@Brosy: Funny how you calling him a fanboy when your the one who has two bubbles. How do you know he's a fanboy, I'm honestly sick of seeing this on N4G. "Oh your a fanboy" blah blha it wrong to be nicer to one console when it's doing better then the other one. Microsofts went down hill this year, what's wrong with sticking with Sony more because it's doing better.

Brosy you don't know shit, idiot.

rjdofu2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

LOL, u mad bro? If you can't stand the heat in here then GTFO.

When someone claim something, he/she expects to have different feedback. By stating Gears 3 best cinematics bla bla bla, he just indirectly diss every single game out there, not just the PS3; hence the comments disagreeing with his statement.

In this comment section, we have all 3 kind of fanboy: a snobby PC fanboy carlosjrix up there, PS3 fanboy (of course), and you, a butthurt Microsoft fanboy.

Liquid_Ocelot2723d ago (Edited 2723d ago )

Excuse me, what race?
"True capability"? I have yet to see the other consoles MATCH it let alone EXCEED it.

Please, stop fooling yourselves.. I truly don't care if one game looks better than the other.. you see, as long as it's fun it really doesnt matter.

I still play Soldier of Fortune(PC) and that came out like on '96
Just please, seriously.. stop with the BS. Now, I'm not saying that Mark-whatever guy is wrong about his opinion because I have yet to see what he's talking about, if it really is what he says.
Maybe he's talking about the best cinematics in a Xbox game, who knows and WHO CARES.

Rule #1, #2, #3, and #4:
"Shut the FCUK up and let your game speak for itself"

Rhythmattic2722d ago (Edited 2722d ago )


Every paragraph in your post has the word "fanboy"....

Just take a deep breath, exhale, blubble you lips. and know, you are one.

As for Geow3 , Im really hoping it has the "WOW' factor, as #1 did...

WAR_MACHINE772722d ago

@kingdoms Dude a lot of these comments aren't about fanboys going off the handle. Mark Rein said something that was beyond stupid and untrue. I've been gaming for decades and I've played the mass majority of note worthy releases and I got to tell ya, uncharted and MGS4 take the cake as far as cinematics go this gen. I'm not saying Gears is a bad game by any stretch (can't wait for 3) but to say it has the best cinematics is just laughable.

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L2722d ago

LOLOLOL, I bet you never played an Uncharted game to even say that.

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Theonetheonly2723d ago

I just bough uncharted 2 last night cause i wanted to see what everyone thinks is the best the ps3 had to offer....

i can say that i approve.

and i can say that epic is full of sheeeeet when it comes to this.