The ten best free-to-play MMOs writes: "Somewhere near the bottom of gaming's totem pole are free-to-play MMORPGs - games that traditionally seem to exist for that niche group of players who not only want MMORPGs but also can't be bothered to pay for World of Warcraft. But within this genre there exists a few games that are actually worth a go. In no particular order, here's our ten favourites."

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peeps3265d ago

Currently playing the APB Reloaded beta and starting to get into it a bit more. I still think the balancing could be better as most pvp's end up with the other team being several times higher my teams rank and thus having better weapons and mods, but now i've got some better guns it's actually become quite an enjoyable free game to play with friends

Chrono3265d ago (Edited 3265d ago )

Guild Wars is free? It requires an access key.

Also, terrible list.

TitanUp3265d ago

guild wars does not have micro transactions and it does not have monthly payments so in a way its free at least in a mmo since of way.