The War of the Worlds: Tripods and Drones and Heat Rays, Oh My! (Hooked Gamers)

While War of the Worlds has been adapted and reinterpreted time and time again over the course of the past century, scaring the populace in radio broadcasts while thrilling audiences in theaters, one medium it has never actually been properly introduced to is that of video games. This is strange considering that the source material is prime for a video game story but it seems that Other Ocean, a developer whose previous efforts Dark Void Zero and a port of the classic Castlevania Symphony of the Night, is taking advantage of this unique opportunity this Summer. While at E3 this year I was privileged enough to get a demonstration of the game in action and, despite releasing almost too soon to build up hype, War of the Worlds certainly looks worthy of it.

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Close_Second3442d ago

I hope its as good as it looks.