Dead Island: Some Holidays Cost More Than Arms And Legs (Hooked Gamers)

Just when you thought you might have played your last zombie game, along comes Dead Island from Square Enix in which you must fight for your survival on the holiday from hell. This first-person, open-word adventure is set on a holiday resort located on a fictional island near Papua New Guinea. Normally such a location would be perfect for a relaxing vacation, but the undead have a way of spoiling things.

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ironcreed3442d ago

Really looking forward to this one. I think I'll enjoy it much more than I did Dead Rising.

acemonkey3442d ago

i loved Dead Rising 1 and i think i loved Left 4 dead 1 and 2 more...idk maybe b.c they was faster zombies and just more guns...but i really love any zombie cant wait for this getting it first day for ps3