Epic Games Comments On Unreal Engine & Next Generation Consoles [PS4 | Xbox 720]

Given the fact that the PlayStation 3 is almost 5 years old and the Xbox 360 six, its only obvious that Sony and Microsoft will be announcing their next generation consoles in a year or two. Eventhough the hardware is not yet ready, companies like Epic and Crytek already have their gaming engines ready which should hopefully power the next generation games.

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DrFUD3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

Unreal engine is a crutch for weak developers made by weak developers.
Epic needs new hardware to provide Uncharted 2 visuals.

When 75% of the games released look as good as Uncharted 1 then we should think about a new gen, but too many developers and games today are struggling to match a 4 year old game so how about they focus more on improving their skills before taking the easy route and getting new hardware just to match Uncharted 2 because that's probably all that happens for the majority

Active Reload3444d ago

What a stupid comment, lol.

Foxgod3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

Utterly stupid.
Besides, the unreal tech demo looks better then anything released so far.

So the engine isnt the problem, fact is that multi engines cannot perform as well as exclusive engines.
Look at Uncharted 2/3 and Forza 4.
Yes i mention forza cause it doesnt use the unreal engine like gears, and Forza 4 looks insanely good!

Unreal engine games on the next gen will look better then any game of this gen.
If its used by talented developers ofcourse.

gamingdroid3444d ago

DrFud is spouting FUD....

Gears of War 3 is one of the best looking games on the Xbox 360, but even more importantly it's game play is so fantastically awesome.

I like better graphics, but only if it is leaps and bounds, like generational leap in consoles not a few pixels here, and a few effects there....

lil Titan3444d ago

unreal engine is overused this gen and hope never to play it in the games i purchased next gen. i rather company's use the crytek next engine or Frostbite 3.5 if Dice lets others use it, or even reamped Fox engine. anything else is better

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theonlylolking3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

UE3 is not really UE3 anymore.

Foxgod3444d ago

It may be heavily modified, but its still the same engine.

consolez_FTW3444d ago

The Unreal engine of next gen will be the equivalent of Unreal engine this gen.

IcarusOne3444d ago

Seems like a very vague and cryptic thing to say as you don't express if you like UE or not.

If the next xbox is maxed out on DX11 and can run something like Samaritan in realtime, I foresee little to no graphical differences between the next gen consoles. At some point graphics will max out as far as what the human eye can see, and no matter how beasty they get, we'll have hit a plateau. I think it's coming within the next decade.

It'll be interesting to see what the two camps fight over then.

Foxgod3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

They will fight over being able to retain those maxed out graphics on ever growing terrains and objects rendered in realtime.

Game X to have 300 objects on screen in max gfx with terrains over 100 square miles big!!

Then Game Y does the same with 500 objects!!
Features are endless :)

It already sortha happens with Forza and GT.
People are counting cars.....
Then the arguments start to fly around, GT got more cars!!!, but Forza hasnt been around as long!! etch.

IcarusOne3444d ago

You're right Fox. I will never cease to be amazed by the meaningless bullshit that revs fanboys up.

XSquareCircle3444d ago

Microsoft won't really have many studios for their next generation system to make exclusive titles.(You know.. the things that sell systems) So I wonder how it will work out in the end for them. Relying on 3rd party studios won't work again I'm afraid Microsoft.

Foxgod3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

If Epic will stop developing gears for the 360, MS will probably buy the franchise, MS isnt dumb, they know they need exclusives.

Indeed, going multi would be good money for epic ofcourse, but i doubt MS would let the money go.
They bought Halo, Gears will probably get the same treatment if Epic jumps out.

XSquareCircle3444d ago

Mhm.. a 1 million pre-order isn't something you'd want to lose on your flagship system :P

Liquid_Ocelot3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )


Good point there.
Even though, I don't think Epic would be stupid enough to give Gears of Wars away. You see, Epic like MS(and any other company for that matter) they are in it for the "fans"(=money). So I totally doubt that they'd give that away.

**IMO** I don't think MS has the money to buy that franchise(because it'd be stupidly expensive to do so, specially when you could open a couple 1st party studios with that amount of $$$) **IMO**

Ps: excuse my English

Inside_out3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

The problem is not many devs, at least those that are good, want to be bought. M$ paid ( reported 200+ million ) a kings ransom for Rare and the 2 guys that ran the company jumped ship at the beginning of this gen...I doubt they will want to do that again....tho, Ubi-soft, believe it or not, has been losing money and would put M$ right in the drivers seat with that companies list of fantastic IP'ss...Hmmmmm

In regards to middle-ware which is what Epic and Crytek have to offer, don't kid yourself. M$ will need to have Middle-ware solutions and affordable ones if their next console is to be successful. Did you see what happen to Sony this gen??? They had NOTHING and expected the devs and pubs to invest millions in R&D to make games on PS3...O_o...Sony lost billions and rightfully so.

The rumor was that Crytek already has a dev kit for the next gen. If they have it, then Epic has it and Epic has already said and hinted that they are DX11 ready and will be ready to make a game right away " IF " the next wave of consoles are DX11 compatible...Hmmmm...who are they talking to???... and why put something like that out there....the plot thickens.

Agent_S3444d ago

I just want to see what kind of a game the samaritan tech demo has turned into by now. Or maybe Epic is waiting on next gen console specs to be finalized before it puts more effort into it. Hopefully they can sway Microsoft into some beefier specs like they did with the 360.

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