Kitase: Final Fantasy XIII Shifted 6 Million Units

X360A writes:

"Final Fantasy XIII might not have been a huge hit with JRPG fans the world over, but speaking to X360A at E3 recently about next year’s Final Fantasy XIII-2, Final Fantasy Producer Yoshinori Kitase, told us that the title had enjoyed “commercial success” and sold over 6 million copies to date."

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Seventh_Blood_Reborn3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

6 million copies of a game unworthy, they should not be proud. Maybe just happy, everyone likes money ...

I want our Squaresoft back!

DA_SHREDDER3765d ago

This news is just depressing. It means they are going to continue the onslaught of crappy games one after another like they have been since they merged.

Peaceful_Jelly3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

Sad but true. The worst thing is that I'm one of those 6m, I even bought the game day one. But it wasn't my fault I was naive, I didn't know what was coming! =(

Daver3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )


maybe they are happy now but when they will see sales of XIII-2 they will realize how bad it was. and maybe it will wake them up

dkp233765d ago

u dont make games without money...

itani3765d ago

I played this game when I wanted to fall asleep, at least it was useful for something.

Kee3765d ago

All the more reason not to release a sequel.

Megaton3765d ago

Can't keep a turd down.

Lucreto3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

I don't know why there is so much hate. Yes it is a bit of a let down but it was still a good game. I played it for 113 hours and got my platinum. I only do that to games I enjoy

Daver3765d ago

There is hate because it really sucked, I guess its objective because we have different opinions. It was a chore to run through the main story so let alone the platinum lol

jack_burt0n3765d ago

I dont think its hate worthy, I am only 11hrs or so into it, I hated the combat at first but switched it to slow speed and turned off all the automation and now its ok.

I have noticed that the story def lacks the sakaguchi magic but its not that bad.

Keith Olbermann3765d ago

113hours? Wow. I played 5 hours and relized it sucked. I then heard it got good at 15 so played that far and it still sucked. Finally I heard it opens up at 20 hours and I said screw it.

ForNgoods3764d ago

I did the exact same thing literally.

jahcure3765d ago

i enjoyed it also. I got the platinum after 120+ hours. And i still played to kill the most difficult turtle. Even the weapons weren't as much a grind as i thought it would be. I'm def down for ff13-2

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