No End to MS, Sony or Nintendo Gaming Anytime Soon

GPT's Austin Cox explains that even with fanboys invading the world of 'journalism', the big three of gaming hardware are stronger than ever and will continue to thrive with new hardware and games.

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jonlynch3083d ago

Agreed. Tired of all the hate articles.

zootang3083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

When the PS3 was struggling it was all right for hate articles. Now its on fire and the competitors are waning "Tired of all the hate articles"? Strange, I never liked them in the first place. @Below I'm just saying it as I see it, strange.

IceAc3083d ago

Wow, the guys says all the platforms are strong and you still turn it into "People liked bashing PS3 and competitors now crying foul"?

NESpower3082d ago

actually Nintendo Wii is back on top WORLDWIDE for weeks now!

charlescox43083d ago

Little tired of one person after another sayin' game company X is shutting down.

Agent_S3083d ago

I don't know anyone who truly thought there would be.

IceAc3083d ago

You need to read some of the articles that followed E3 then, lol. Most of us (assume you too) know all 3 are financially secure, but there are a lot of people trying to convince people one or the other is in trouble.

vgn243083d ago

The best example of this is probably Nintendo. "The Wii U will be the end of Nintendo!" etc etc.

GunShotEddy3083d ago

I think the saddest thing is that articles like this are buried by users while "articles" fueled by flame war topics thrive on here. Glad I turned the content filter off to see something positive for once. Not sure why I had to though.

jonlynch3083d ago

Because it only takes a few fanboys to bury something, lol.