Shadows Of The Damned Tanks, Why?

TSA: "I’m guessing that, ultimately, in the world of new IPs and tried-and-tested franchises, people just aren’t willing to splash the cash on something they’re not familiar with unless those scores are 90+ and the game’s been shoved in your face for months prior. "

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quietlygamingaway3447d ago

I am latino; so please take this as you will

I must say the idea of a Japanese company
creating a game with a Latin lead was scary.
Seeing as Japanese seem to love the really odd Sh*t

i saw game videos and this guy is just as bad as Rico
from just cause 2

additup283447d ago

im half latin and got the game, mostly because of Suda. The lead is stereotypical in the "Cole-train" (from gears of war) way. Its borderline and if you are easily offended stay away. Personally im not and find it amusing to see and hear spanish curses from a videogame character.

The actual game is above average itself. along lines of dead space/RE 5.

quietlygamingaway3447d ago

if you want to be in the same league as Cole Train go ahead

i know what he really is seeing as

i dont want that for my people

i wont say "ours" because you guys think your black

zatrox3447d ago

I'm latino, as well, and I just find Garcia's character to be rather stereotypical...yet amusing.

Seriously, he's just made to make you giggle over whatever he spouts. And boy, you'll laugh, especially if you like the kind of childish, playful humor the game has.

quietlygamingaway3447d ago

i just wish we had gotten "our" Drake

or something

Cole Train is a garbage stereotype
i dont want Latinos in those roles

FunAndGun3447d ago

Every single stereotype has been played to extremes with video games.

I'm gay and there are never really any non-sterotypical gay characters in gaming how I would like portrayed. That however doesn't mean I can't laugh along with the jokes, even if I am the butt of it at times.

I remember renting Enchanted Arms back in the day and there is a gay character in that game that is flaming hotter than all the village people put together! It was still funny to hear his lines in the game though....the game is a piece of dooky btw.

Gordo7893446d ago

Latinos are not generally filling leading roles in video games, so you have to be a little more forgiving if there are some bumps along the way.

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Cheeseknight283447d ago

I needed better scores in all honesty. I didn't want to impulse buy it with high 7s and low 8s, I know that's being picky, but if I'm going to go out and blow $60 I would rather it be on something with a little more quality.

EA hardly tried to advertise this game either. They must have known it wouldn't fare well, though it's rather odd that they decided to publish it. What the game needed was a controversy, they could have sold with that.

zatrox3447d ago

Honestly? To hell with scores. You're talking about the same numbers that believe Grand Theft Auto IV is one of the best games ever. To the same numbers that usually slammed Gears of War yet gave it a 9/10 or a 10/10 because "lolGOTYAY". Hell if it's got no super-hype or incredibly heavy marketing, chances are the game will get an 8 at best.

The reviews themselves were fairly possitive, and the game's a whole lot of fun.

I do believe EA didn't advertise it well enough because the game isn't exactly filled with mass appeal. It's a rather odd game, at least in looks and style.

Cheeseknight283447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

I'm more than willing to give it a shot, just not at full price. I'm sure I'll grab it from Amazon at around the $25-35 range, which WOULD give the developers my money unlike doing the below suggestion and renting the game.

@disagrees for my first post

I've bought countless underappreciated games over the past years, so don't give me crap for not buying this one. I bought Madworld, Chinatown Wars, and Bayonetta all on day one. Also own Enslaved, Vanquish, Nier, 999, Radiant Historia, TWEWY, and the entire Phoenix Wright and Trauma Center series, buying each one new and not used. That's just this generation. I'm just not buying this one game, because I don't have the money to spend.

Though, honestly, the lead character holding a gun up to his crotch everytime he shoots it is just a bit too tasteless for me, even if I did really enjoy something like Hangover 2. Maybe it's the repetitive nature of it? I'll get over it when I play the game later, I'm sure.

bebojet3447d ago

The main reason is poor advertising. I did not hear of this game until a week before it released.

Gordo7893446d ago

I agree 100%. This game came out of nowhere. EA really really dropped the ball on this one, as they have with other original IPs like Dead Space and Mirror's Edge.

DOOMZ3447d ago

The games good, just short... RENT it people, worth it!

femshep3447d ago

meh sucks cause it feels like a rip off of devil may cry and resident evil with constant sexual puns

also didn't think the lead char was strong or connectable, i thought his gun was more worthy of being the lead char

Buuhan13447d ago

How can it be a ripoff when Shinji Mikami, the creator of DMC and RE, was one of the major collaborations on the game? Besides, those gameplay systems have come to be the standard for many games, doesn't make them a ripoff, just means they're willing to accept a finely made system that works instead of trying to be fully original and ultimately make one that isn't fun.

femshep3447d ago

so he could have made the atmosphere feel different and have a different lead char how isnt a illegal so the combat still sucked and it was way to repetative....walk into a area darkness, shoot goat, darkness demons, kill them, door, repeat till you get to boss

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