What Would It Look Like If The Wii U Had Achievements?

RipTen: Nintendo has already said much about their next console at E3 this year. They’ve mentioned the controller, the features and the games… but what about achievements? What would happen if the Wii U obtained achievements, what would they look and be like? We’re here to show you.

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vicious69833444d ago

We can count on Nintendo to not get anything online right, so I doubt it will have achievements.

LocO_o3444d ago

My guess is that the will use something called Merits.

Where you can earn the following merits:


Elimin83444d ago

Hehe.. You just might be right.

I_find_it_funny3444d ago

I don't know but Tropies are the reason why I wont ever buy multiplatform game on any other platform. Even though I don't get many per game, maybe 50% still I like to add another game to my profile.

Many gamers are "tied" to their systems because of that.

seinfan3444d ago

True. I prefer Xbox's gamerscore system, which is one reason I get multiplats for it, but I also factor in that most of my friends have a 360 only. I have enough games with PS3 exclusives, though.

Hitman07693444d ago

They had better have achievements if they want to be taken seriously.

xPhearR3dx3444d ago

I'm going to go on and say that could easily pass as a name for a box of cereal.

Solidus187-SCMilk3444d ago

maybe they will call them "medals." Since 360 and steam have achievements, playstation has trophies, nintendo should have medals or maybe mario coins.

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