Top 10 Games That Deserve a Modern Remake

theGamerBuzz writes, "Let me start this off by making something clear; by a "modern remake," I mean to completely rework the game from start with new visuals and sound, not simply a new coat of HD paint. With that being said, the time seems ripe for gamers to revisit some classic franchises."

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Emilio_Estevez3447d ago

I would love to see some of those.

Godmars2903447d ago

Because all it means, like Xcom, is that we'll get some revisionist version that will be nothing like the original game.

Asking for a Wizards and Warriors remake that uses the Skyrim engine is not asking for a Wizards and Warriors remake, its asking for Skyrim only calling it Wizards and Warriors.

Hell, Hardcorps is suppose to be a spiritual successor to Contra, but this guy is asking for something that specifically uses the Contra name.

Tzuno3447d ago

You have a good taste of games.

zero_cool3445d ago

That would be kick ass to see a new wizards and warriors & california Games or modern remakes of the originals but also i would love to see a new skate or die or modern remakes of the originals!

Skate or Die - NES Gameplay:

Skate or Die 2 - NES Gameplay: