Peter Molyneux “ashamed” of Fable III Metacritic score

Peter Molyneux admits that he feels “pretty ashamed” of Fable III’s Metacritic score and blames himself for it – but agrees with reviews that said the “quality just wasn’t good enough.”

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Max_Dissatisfaction4354d ago

good, you should be. Then you go out and make that abomination that is Fable The Journey...tsk tsk tsk

newn4gguy4354d ago

I'm sorry, but I thought The Journey looked cool. I'm saying this as someone who only really enjoyed the first Fable and doesn't buy into the Kinect hype. Fable: The Lost Journey looks freakin' sweet.

I_find_it_funny4354d ago

each Fable sucks more, face it Peter

jdfoster004354d ago

couldn't disagree with you more

FlashXIII4354d ago

To me it looked like a watered down facepalm of a clone of that ps move game Sorcery or whatever it's called.

RedDead4354d ago

Nah, I really disagree, it's an on rails shooter basically. Just shoot what your told to. What happened to the good old days Fable?

mendicant4354d ago


Fable: Journey is NOT an on rails shooter.

Heartnet4354d ago


It might aswell be..

"The World is as Open as a Road is".. Your on a single path in whcih u cannot stray.. really really Un fable Like and means your paying for like a 4 hour Campaign with no multy player..

Redempteur4354d ago


it is on rails ..

molyneux is just freaking out because everyone realize that it's not gonna be a fable game.

Molyneux lies on his présentations ..just like he lied about MILO , and just like he talks too much and promises the moon and beyond in your living room.

evrfighter4354d ago

His problem is he tried to ride fable like kojima rides metal gear.

He has a better backlog of ips yet made a huge mistake. I agree he should be ashamed

zerocrossing4354d ago

I never played any Fable games out lack of interest really, So I shouldn't comment.. BUT as far as I know, What Fable is supposed to about, a on rails FPS version doesn't sound like a smart move... Or Kinect

DA_SHREDDER4354d ago

None of the new fables measures up to Fabe 1. Then the next thing you know Mr. Molyneux talks crap about his masterpiece and has since then tried to turn the world into something it was never meant to be. A mess of gay marriages, passing of sexually transmitted diseases, took the arena and turned it into a circus, changed the magic system, and added guns. Thank you Mr. Molyneux, but all that killed the series for me. I still love me Fable 1 though.

captain-obvious4354d ago

its good that you are realizing that peter
now go make a better game
and yah cancel that on-rail casual s**t you are making now

AAACE54354d ago

I love Peter Molyneux's vision for trying to bring unique experiences to games. But a lot of the time I wish I could be the coach from the movie Varsity Blues, and slap him over the head with a whistle saying, "Stick to the basics"!

ChrisGTR14354d ago

and yet the next fable IS EVEN MORE DUMBED DOWN. come on get the picture , we want a hardcore rpg not some rpg for 5 year olds.

jony_dols4354d ago (Edited 4354d ago )

Thanks Peter Molyneux. I wish you told me this before you greenlighted it for release, and before subsequently, I idiotically bought it.

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itani4354d ago

I stopped reading at "Peter Molyneux is nothing if not honest – and that probably makes him a Microsoft PR’s worst nightmare."

Him honest? Ha joke of the day.

coryok4354d ago

ya me too lol, he even went on record saying he was sorry for lieing in all the interviews.

he said he needed to build hype for his game and so he lied about features he had no intention of adding into the game, what a dbag lol

saladthieves4354d ago

I agree. This guy and his games just don't measure up to the original Fable. What he did here I had mentioned some time ago:

Titanz4354d ago (Edited 4354d ago )

Didn't really enjoy 2, and never played the 3rd.

The sequels weren't bad, I'm assuming they were too much of the same thing(which works for certain games, and doesn't for others).


people need to just stop buying these sh$t games!! That would send a better message, sadly that won't happen.

people will buy so he will keep making them as would any dev I suppose.

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Abash4354d ago

Peter Molyneux is by far the most tragic video game developer in history. He has these grand visions but lacks the talent to ever achieve them or even execute his ideas well in all his games.

TruthSeeker4354d ago

Doesn't he always come back and say his games basically sucked after they come out. But before they come out he talks about them like their the best things ever.He promises to much and doesnt deliver.

ChronoJoe4354d ago

"Peter Molyneux is nothing if not honest"

I thought he was pretty famous for his lies lol

Gordo7894354d ago


lol - molyneux is a visionary but he can also be a total hack. Sometimes a lump of coal just stays a lump of coal no matter how hard you squeeze it. He should think about doing something else.

Just_The_Truth4354d ago

in an interview he said it's not on rail because when your steering the horses down a guided path you come to some forks in the road and can chose whether you want to go left or right. Isn't just sad?

showtimefolks4354d ago

he has never once delivered what he said a fable game would be its always more promises and less actual those promises taking place

Adam21014354d ago

fable has great elements but still lacks, in alot of things, in consequences , graphics , and combat. its just the same game with no real differences

AlienLion4353d ago

The article starts with "Peter Molyneux is nothing if not honest..." TROLLOLOL! Goes without saying, I stopped readin after that.

JokesOnYou4353d ago (Edited 4353d ago )

Yeah, but its NOT damage control when Jaffe says:

"I regret... I'm ashamed of the way we greenlit Twisted Metal. I'm ashamed that I didn't stick to my guns more and say, 'Yeah, we got knocked down [with Calling All Cars] and it wasn't a hit, but we still want to do something original like that."

lol, so basicly CaC bombed and now he's going back to Twisted Metal, which is a game from an old genre with shooting cars, that doesn't garner much attention these days itself, lol but hey if thats where his heart is more power to him, and of course on this site Jaffe for ALL HIS TALK yet hasn't made anything notable this gen is given a free pass. lol

I find really funny on this site when Jaffe rants on and on about being disapointed then its fine and most comments tend to follow the "he wears his heart on his sleeve", same with kojima being overly critical of himself and his game then its taken as complete honesty from guys who expect more of themselves but then let a guy like Molyneux being critical of himself and its "Well we know your games suck, told ya so." lol I didn't think Fable3 was as good as it should have been, Fable 2 is at 89 on metacritic, still the 1st is my favorite but either way Fable 3 is far from bad(80 metacritic), what the hell has Jaffe done since GOW makes hims so much better than Peter?...oh thats right he I forgot his paychecks are from sony. Riiight. Personally I think Molyneux just needs to focus more on what made Fable so great cool environment, interesting charachters and silly but not over the top humor and STOP trying to make it all things to all people, true Fable fans will enjoy it, those who never liked it won't like it no matter how many gimmicks and sideshows he adds.

GameGambits4353d ago

It's always the same old song and dance from this has been. He promises you a good game, and you get a turd made for brain dead casuals. Games that are 12 hours TOPS and considered RPGs? Yeah right. That's not a RPG.

He should be ashamed that he is stealing money that could be going to people with talent who could make a good game. P.Molyneux is a joke.

SonyPS3604353d ago (Edited 4353d ago )

Getting less than 90% doesn't make your game a bad one. Don't listen to the negative retards who do nothing but complain.

I've not played Fable since the first game, but he shouldn't be feeling ashamed, he should be learning from it. 80% isn't bad at all, he just needs to stop over hyping his games.

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gravemaker4354d ago

just stop lying and talking about how great your games. Just make 'em great!

death2smoochie4354d ago (Edited 4354d ago )

If you're ashamed about it...
First off don't care about scores...
But most importantly...MAKE A BETTER GAME!!!

badz1494353d ago

your voice never reached him because the next Fable is on rail! better than 3? doubt it!

newn4gguy4354d ago

The talent at Lionhead left to make Ragdoll Kung Fu...and later made LittleBigPlanet. :)

We may never see a Black & White 3. :(

EdFry4354d ago

The the streak they're going on I don't think it would even be a similair game.