Dead Island E3 Preview - brings you an in-depth preview of upcoming zombie apocalypse survival game Dead Island after spending some time with it at this year's E3 Expo.

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danielle0073444d ago

E3 really restored my faith in this game. I had my doubts after getting reeled in with the trailer and then hearing about electrified machetes, I thought they were going to go over the top. But, the RPG elements are definitely interesting, and the island sounds beautiful and terrifying.

Now I'm just hoping the story is compelling.

shayol33t3444d ago

Im really looking forward to the mixture of beauty and brutality. Zombie RPG? Seriously awesome.

WetN00dle693444d ago

This game looks pretty awesome. Day 1 for me.

Agent_S3444d ago

Im sold on this game, but I will read a couple of in depth reviews before buying. Nothing like getting hyped up for a title then getting burned. *cough*brink*cough*