Sony: “Sorcery Is Still In Development”

Dealspwn writes: "Good news everyone, the promising PlayStation Move title, Sorcery, is still in development despite disappearing from our radars for almost a year. Hugo Bustillos, Sony’s UK PR Executive today confirmed: “Yes, Sorcery is still in development."

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Blues Cowboy3440d ago

Thank God. I was getting worried, especially after the slightly similar Medieval Moves was revealed at E3.

FuzzyPixels3440d ago

It'll certainly be interesting to see how it'll differ. MM has stolen the limelight somewhat,

I_find_it_funny3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

Sorcery was that game that made me think Nice, I might actually get that Move thing, but it's not out yet and wasn't it supposed to be launch tittle or very soon after?

That's the problem with Move for me, I don't want it as a second optional controller, I want good games exclusive for Move. When I have a choice it's always dualshock.

edit/ Oh, True Crime: Hong Kong was canned, didnt know that

nycredude3440d ago

How is that a problem with Move? Just buy it when you feel there is enough games for it. there are plenty of good Move only games all you have to do is look. Besides move works really well for the shooters. I know friends who don't play shooters without Move now.

ABizzel13440d ago

My guess is that Sony took notice of the response that it got at E3, and decided to make a true hardcore game rather than a lite game. They just have to make sure people still care by then.

Abash3440d ago

Sorcery is still in development? Then I still may get a PS Move

joydestroy3440d ago

yep, i've been looking forward to this game for a really long time. it's gonna be a lot of fun with the Move controller

Max Power3440d ago

I think they weren't expecting the that kind of positive reception that they got when they revealed it and I am sure they are investing more time into it to make sure that it is a gem instead of a glorified tech demo.

pain777pas3440d ago

Gamescom people Gamescom.

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sinncross3440d ago

Great news: this looked good.
Hopefully it is shown at gamescom along with that torch FPS title we know absolutely nothing about.

bggriffiths3440d ago

Torch FPS? Tell me more. Something like The Grudge game on the Wii (but hopefully not an unplayable poo-pile)?

sinncross3440d ago

Difficult to tell from the very little gameplay footage shown (cant find atm). it could have been a survival horror title, I just recall the player using a torch to look around a dark area.

I hope it has not been canned.

Ness-Psi3440d ago

I think that torch/fps game got canned.

THC CELL3440d ago

Its called redwood falls and it canned can be seen on youtube

sinncross3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

Redwood Falls got cancelled like 2-3 years before the PS Move was announced: its not the same game.

Additionally, in RF the character is holding the torch in an overhand manner, while in the Move title the character is holding it with their thumb on the power button.


Move title:

i_da_pappy3440d ago

This game is the reason I got MOVE. They pushed it back so much I forgot about it. I'm glad its still coming out though.

CynicalVision3440d ago

Good, I'm looking forward to it. :)

On another note, as soon as I read 'Good news everyone' I couldn't help but read it as Dr Farnsworth.

bggriffiths3440d ago

Yay, that's why I said it!

Neeko3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

A change in art direction would certainly explain the delay, but it's strange that Sony hasn't made a more public display of the fact that the game is still in development.

Gearing up for a hugely polished reveal perhaps? Here's hoping, Move is in desperate need of a few 'killer apps'.

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