Sony VP: Gamers “crave new things”, but sequels inevitable

Gamers want “compelling new experiences,” but sequels should already be in the works before a new game even hits the shelves, says Michael Denny.

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CynicalVision3444d ago

What about offering compelling new experiences within sequels?

Pedantic913444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

Then fans they would complain by saying it's TOO different and is missing the compelling gameplay the original game fist had.

The 3rd Birthday is a good example of this.

Then again, working on a completely new IP is just as risky as making a sequel.

IMO sometimes, luck plays good role in making and publishing a new game/sequel.

coryok3444d ago

"Sequels don’t simply have to be retreads of their predecessors, though – as long as you put some thought into them before you’ve even finished the first game: “The important thing is to try to define some key innovations to sequels in the early stages of pre-production,” Denny states in an article on Eurogamer, “to ensure the experience remains compelling and exciting for the consumers.”"

from the article