AAG: Shadows of the Damned Xbox 360 Review

All Age Gaming's Tyler Chancey writes: "Goichi Suda, aka Suda51, has always had a special place in my heart. With past titles such as Killer 7 and the No More Heroes series under his belt, the man's name has become connected to colorful, quirky games with a satirical, tongue-in-cheek presentation. His newest project, Shadows of the Damned, seems to put him to one last trial before being accepted into the ranks of Tim Schafer, Warren Spector and Gabe Newell. The breakout star of the last console generation, coupled with Resident Evil and Vanquish Creator, Shinji Mikami, and the original composer of the Silent Hill series, Akira Yamoaka, are now charged with creating a AAA unique game experience. Does Suda51 make the cut?"

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