Guild Wars 2 going under the sea, breathers are standard kit

From Strategy Informer: "Okay, no, I am not going to make any Little Mermaid jokes. Moving on. Guild Wars 2 will be adventuring in the deep blue reveals developer ArenaNet.

Breathing equipment for characters, their underwater skills and weapons are all equipped automatically. It's a "vital, important part" of the whole game."

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thehitman3443d ago

Sounds nice idk why games mmo in particular dont embrace more water aspects in their games. Underwater fighting and dungeons etc is always cool and a fresh change up then the regular scenery/mechanics.

herukuti3443d ago

WoW the biggest mmo has vash jir an underwater zone that really lush and inviting. ive never played guild wars i wonder how an instanced based "mmo" plays like? is this similar to pso?

TitanUp3443d ago

guild wars 2 is not instanced mmo its open world guild wars 1 was all instanced.