nDreams Aurora 1.1 Details -

nDreams CEO, Patrick O’Luanaigh (@patrickol) said, “We’re very proud of Aurora and the success it has had so far. We certainly didn’t expect to have so many visitors in such a short timeframe. The space itself is still in a very early stage; we have so much more planned for Aurora........."

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Redempteur3447d ago

1 millions visit in 6 weeks
300k players in the aurora war ...

and besides these good number , people will still think HOME hasn't changed ...

i'll say this before any coment arrive.. HOME chas changed a lot .. Before complaining, go try it

Vitalogy3447d ago

Agree! Don't think it's fair anyone just come and comment saying "home sucks, I logged once 6 months ago (or even before) and never got back". Well, in 6 months Home has changed a lot and it keeps changing so I think people should at least give it another go before any judgement.

AMG9992223447d ago

And with things like Sodium 2 makes it even better