Little Big Planet PS Vita: Double11's Official Statement

Double11 was formed in 2010 by ex-Rockstar engineers Lee Hutchinson and Matt Shepcar. Having had to be tight-lipped about their work for so long, both Lee and Matt are delighted that news regarding this prestigious project can now be revealed.

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Inside_out3448d ago (Edited 3448d ago )

Where is media molecule??? sold the IP to Sony for peanuts and now somebody else is making the game. Sure it's the PS Vita, Quad core and all but the writing is on the wall.

Sac boy had a character and the game had a vision that the ORIGINAL creative's behind the IP made into something that people fell in love with. Great music and graphical flare ( at least the 1st one ) are trademarks of the series and franchise. It might turn out better than the original LBP but these two fools who sold it blew it.

Let that be a warning to you kids out there...don't sell out. They had numerous awards and great sales for LBP 1 and then gave their IP away for nothing. They would be billionaires right now porting that game to all the platforms including 3DS, Wii U, 360, Ipad and other tablets and of course cell move guys.

@ All you silly kids below...of course Sony owns Media molecule...THAT'S THE POINT...O_o...Media molecule should be making this game and COULD be making this game, after all, they CREATED IT. What's to stop Sony from handing the future games to Insomniac???

Da One3448d ago

dear god you're trolling quite awful.

Sony owns Media Molecule..

young juice3448d ago

i think lbp vita looks even better than lbp on ps3. like they were made for each other

pain777pas3448d ago

young juice the game will be or SHOULD be one of the highest rated games in the history of gaming. I know some may think i am crazy but this game and Vita is a marriage made in videogame heaven.

metsgaming3448d ago

im pretty sure sony now owns media molecule they didnt just sell the IP they sold the entire dev team to sony. Just like naughty dog, MM let another dev take the development of the vita game apparently.

house3448d ago (Edited 3448d ago )

wow are you trolling or do you really believe that?

sony bought m.m about a year ago


yeah they could be on other platforms but the thing is Sony was the one that offered then a place to make there game and it was a big risk, and because of that risk i think m.m wanted to be of the sony first party studios,

on them not making the psv lbp i think they have heavy in put on the game,

they most likely are not directly making it because there working on a new ip

supremacy3448d ago (Edited 3448d ago )

Bro relax, Sony owns both the ip and the dev teams responsible for creating it. Therefore they can do as they please.

Uncharted golden abyss is being developed by bend studios, yet that studio wasnt the original creator of the ip.

This is just a case of i need a littlebigplanet on the PlayStation vita, but i dont want media molecule focusing on littlebigplanet but rather on something else on the ps3.

Media molecule is handling the Update thats going to give lbp2 move compatability to the ps3 this fall, while this studio works on the vita game.

Its nothing new and nothing to be concern about, its a practice thats been done before with the likes of daxter, killzone,resistance retribution, god of war chains of olympus, syphon filter and such.

And as long as Sony owns both the ips and studios responsible for such, i know i wont have to worry about the endless milkage thats gone on in the industry.

Sony usually aims for 3 in a particular franchise then has the the dev team embark on something new unlike say... activision?

With call of duty and guitar hero?lol yeah things are a ok here.

DigitalRaptor3448d ago (Edited 3448d ago )

Firstly, you're trolling - that's clear enough.

Secondly (and I've said this to you before), Media Molecule clearly don't care that Sony has bought them and own the franchise - people with brains and talent like Alex Evans and Mark Healey know what they're doing. MM are a humble, talented developer and simply happy that a company like Sony game them a chance to achieve their creative goals in the first place. You think they're not immensely proud of what they've already created? You think they're not already very wealthy individuals after the success they've received?

Why must everything in gaming be about capitalism to you? Why would Media Molecule want to sell out rather than maintaining artistic and creative integrity?

And just so you know, Media Molecule oversee the development of these portable games, so it's not like they are completely out of the loop with their own franchise.

Anyway, most people would like to see them do something new and creative unrelated to LBP. And you calling people silly kids is the most ironic thing I've read all week.

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supremacy3448d ago

And this is how Sony keeps the ps3 and ps4 with full support while catering further support to the PlayStation vita.

And that folks is how you avoid a psp meltdown.

house3448d ago

i really think lbp found a great home on the vita the game play will be fantastic using rear touch and front touch and i do think create play share will get so much better because of these very same things

telekineticmantis3448d ago

could of swore it was Media Molecule up until just now.