Cliffy B "misty-eyed" over Gears 3 | GRTV

GR-UK: "GRTV caught up with Cliff Bleszinski to talk concluding the Gears of War trilogy at E3.

Along with the developer admitting to being misty-eyed after seeing the final cut-scene of Gears of War 3, he discusses beta feedback and the changes it'll have to the final game, his thoughts on PS Vita, as well as how he's interested to see mobile and console integration in future."

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M-Easy3442d ago

He said the same thing about the whole Dom situation last game. How'd that work out for everyone. ZZZzzzz

Lifendz3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

I thought the Dom storyline was okay. I don't go into games like Gears or Killzone 3 or Modern Warfare expecting a good story, I just want good action scenes and cool new ways to kill enemies. The whole Dom's wife thing was a little "ham handed" so to speak, but it's like expecting a compelling story out of a Michael Bay Transformers movie: if you get one it's a bonus but if you don't you still got to see Transformers fighting...which is why you went to see the movie in the first place.

I'm looking forward to the new "Horde Morde" stuff. The building gates and turrets mechanic looked great. And I just know it's going to be crazy when a Brumak shows up during a level.

Inside_out3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

**SPOILERS**I'm a big Gears fan but I hated a couple of the story arcs in Gears 2, in particularly the suicide of a new main character and the execution of Doms wife by Dom.

Sure, they wanted to pull some heart strings but it was uncalled for. I'm a lot older than most around here and it bothered me. Most that play this game are younger and I don't see the point of a video game bringing some of the more ugly parts of reality into the mix. Mercy killing and Suicide are extremely controversial. Why shows kids that those type's of things are an option when things don't go as planned. I'm the kind of " die with your boots on " type of person and they could of made hero's of those characters instead of a guy shooting his wife like a horse with a broken leg and a character they kept telling us couldn't be killed and then he shoots himself in the head...o_O

btw...Halo reach really showed how hero's should go out...especially the ending, which I'm sure will be revisited someday...maybe in 10 years. ;)

gamingdroid3441d ago

Well it is a mature game, so it isn't intended for "younger". If they can't handle the story, then maybe they shouldn't be playing a mature game....

JellyJelly3442d ago

Sounds like this will be the best in the series!

MintBerryCrunch3442d ago

im a little surprised that outside of gears, epic hasnt really done anything else worth mentioning, they published Bulletstorm, but nothing else really

M1chl3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

EA published Bulletstorm, Epic help made this game (actually People can Fly is owned by Epic). And hasnt done anything worth mentioning? UE3, most used engine this generation, I mean thats more than nothing...

jrbeerman113442d ago

infinity blade, shadow complex, unreal tournament

bangoskank3442d ago

They are putting all of their focus into the Gears of War games just like Naughty Dog is doing with the Uncharted games. This is why these are two of the best IPs of this or any generation.
On a side note- Infinity Blade looks sick. I wish I had an Apple device to play it.

Active Reload3442d ago

That's because mintberry is ignorant when it comes to such things. Hopefully n4g can educate him/her on such things, lol.

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cochise3133442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

Thank god they're using dedicated servers. I'm shocked that cliffy b is giving the ps vita some credit. I like his idea about a apple/android app where you can take the games with you. This is gonna be kick ass.

Bloodyghost3442d ago

Well Cliffy aint a Sony bashing man.

This game is looking better by the second.

I mean: Dedicated Servers, huge Multiplayer Support, Beast Mode, Horde Mode and Single Player which all log in for a total of infinite replayability.

Hopefully I get teary eyed over the ending too. Especially after a great story in the second game, not some great in the first.

lowcarb3442d ago

GEars 3 is my most anticipated exclusive this years. Just packed with a ton of features and modes that easily put this at the top of my list. If there ever is another gears I really hope it's on next gen console even though this one looks so good on the current one.

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