Best Buy Drops Toshiba HD DVD Player to $99; Supplies Very Limited

In the immortal words of Crazy Eddie, Best Buy is now offering Toshiba's entry-level HD-A2 HD DVD at a price so low they're practically giving it away.

Coming only a week after retailers almost universally dropped prices for the 1080i player below the $200 mark, Best Buy has lowered its price on the player to just $99. This latest price drop from Best Buy follows this morning's news that Wal-Mart would offer the same player for just $98 as part of a special in-store one day sale this Friday.

There is a hitch, however. Although Best Buy's website listed the HD-A2 at its new low price earlier today, it also stated that the player was sold out. Some consumers have had better luck finding it at the chain's physical locations, but there too, many have reported that the player is out of stock.

At press time there was no word on whether new allotments of the player would be offered by Best Buy.

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The WildAttorney4868d ago

I just called Best Buy and they said that model is sold out in all of their stores in my area.

sanderFVCKINcohen4868d ago

Just came back from Best Buys 2hrs ago to check it out, and couldnt find none of it. So how the hell is there going to be 1 day sale, if they dont have none in stock?

jackdoe4868d ago

That is an interesting point. Maybe they'll sell rain checks?

AllanWakker4868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )


Weight - 12.4 pounds
1080p Support - No
BluRay Support - No
Usable As A Doorstop - Yes
Price - 99 bucks, one day only

12.4 Pound Rock:

Weight - 12.4 pounds
1080p Support - No
BluRay Support - No
Usable As A Doorstop - Yes
Price - Free

Rock > Dead HD-DVD Format Player

UnblessedSoul4868d ago

Hd-Dvd is so shlT they are practically giving it away aha

Lightning Mr Bubbles4868d ago

Isn't this like the third time I've heard this today? I just know that this didn't strike me as shocking news just right now.

joevfx4868d ago

ewww its only a 1080i player. bah.

lawman11084868d ago

So please stop saying it is not "true HD" at best most people have 1080i and those tv's are still wayyyy $$$$ If you were in a room with a gun to your head you could not tell what tv was 1080i or 1080p so knock it off.

Bloodmask4867d ago

you are correct. Not to mention that newer HDTV's can convert the interlaced signal to a non-interlaced one which will result in a 1080P image with minimal drop in quality.

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The story is too old to be commented.