Dr. Phil Weighs in on Manhunt 2

A still-critical, but seemingly more reasoned, version of Dr. Phil made an appearance yesterday on CBS morning program The Early Show to discuss Manhunt 2.

Watching as game journalist Scott Steinberg played the "Sexual Deviance" level of Manhunt 2 on the Wii, Dr. Phil commented:

Clearly, it's not good. The research has been very, very strong over the years that when you're exposed to violence and when you actually mimic something like this the aggression can go up.

Now the truth is, if somebody plays this game and then they go and do this in their life, there was something seriously wrong with them before they got the game. But it's modeling.

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kss4868d ago

what the hell is with this guy i mean he has to but his nose into everything. i mean he has an opinion about everything.

dude, keep your mouth shut.

OOG FunK4868d ago

do you guys seriously post everything cuz this is dad like really who cares???????

kss4868d ago

no i have been playing violent video games my entire life and i understand whats real and what's not, those who "mimic" video games are just crazy people i mean if its not video games there mimicing its something else.

dude shut the f**k up.

MK_Red4868d ago

Do any of this people know the meaning of "M" label thingy on the box? Have they ever heard about the word Mature?

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