The 3rd Birthday Review | Sestren

The story of The 3rd Birthday is very good and it is presented to you wonderfully. Especially with such well done cut-scenes throughout the game.

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girlwithturn3444d ago

Very good game. But this isn't Parasite Eve, exept Aya and Eve.

Ridiick3444d ago

The best game of the PSP, it's not Parasite Eve and that is a pity but is a great game.

Inception3444d ago

9/10? hm, i think the reviewer to generous ^^
i bought, play, and finished it a couple of times
for me, it's a 7/8 out of 10. but not 9.
oh well...i hope SE make another PE that continued from PE 2

Sestren3444d ago

I'll mention something here, I never played the Parasite Eve games at all. I had no expectations going into this game and for me I found this to be a wonderful experience. It was easy for me to get high on this title. The only thing I was comparing it to was to how much fun I was having with it. :)