Blast Works: Build, Fuse & Destroy Exclusive Screens And Details

With Nintendo's Wii getting flooded with party games galore and very few games that take good advantage of the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection abilities, it's nice to see someone taking charge. Blast Works: Build, Fuse & Destroy is based on a PC shareware shooter called Tumiki Fighters, but what Majesco and developer Budcat Creations are adding to the game could make it really stand out.

Much like Tumiki Fighters, in Blast Works, the basic premise is controlling a ship in a side-scrolling environment, where you shoot at enemies. As you shoot enemies apart, the chunks and parts of fallen enemies will drop, and if you move your ship on top of the broken chunks they'll stick onto your ship-much like elements growing a Katamari ball. The art style is quite simplistic, with basic boxes and shapes making up the environments and ships. As your ship gets shot at, pieces will also fall off, so the more enemies you take out, the more shields and layers your ship essentially has.

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ChickeyCantor4870d ago

"Tumiki Fighters"
that game is awsome, look it up guys XD it looks simple but its hard as helll