Skyrim has "hundreds of hours of content"

Today we have been given an estimation of just how much time players will get to enjoy while playing Skyrim.

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easto1a3085d ago

Insta-buy crazy hours!

ChrisW3085d ago

Not so crazy if you consider that Oblivion had 200+ if tried to get all of the achievement or trophies.

MaxXAttaxX3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

These many hours of the same lead to being burnt out for many(including myself)

ChrisW3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

Well sorry, never played it on the PS3. I had read they were to have a trophy patch, so I assumed it had trophies.

the_best_player3085d ago

@Skyrim has "hundreds of hours of content"

No shit

firemassacre3085d ago

hello skyrim, dark souls, goodbye netflix, p90x workout, swag bucks...strip clubs

worm20103085d ago

goodbye life, hello skyrim

nopunctuation3085d ago

I remember when Adam Sessler said that when you play oblivion you will never feel alone again. I think that will be true for Skyrim too.

MAJ0R3085d ago

something we knew from day one

nopunctuation3085d ago

More like something we assumed for day 1 and now its been confirmed by the devs for the first time but yeah pretty much.

MAJ0R3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

no I think I heard Todd Howard say a couple times in interviews that Skyrim has hundreds of hours of content and it was confirmed while E3 was going on


so this is old news

Heartnet3085d ago

What its been confirmed by the developers.. Cuz there opinion wont be biased at all...

Probz be 20 -30 hours of content that 99% of players will see with optioonal shitty grindy content for the rest and we all know it :)

No reason to deny it

tablav3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

Even if that's true, 20-30 hours is still FAR better than the 6-8 hours you get from the average shooter these days, for the same price.

Also, I found the 'grindy' content in Oblivion (Nirnroot anybody?) to be enjoyable.

jrbeerman113085d ago


o those be fighting words.

Oblivion did a great job at side missions, even structured them in a way that felt like another game. The fighters guild, mages guild, thieves guild, and dark brotherhood each had a lines of quests that had continuity and an ongoing story throughout.

They were longer than most non RPG games themselves, and avoid what most side missions suffer from: and that's lack of story and motivation for players other than grinding.

In a way the entire game of oblivion is optional, I know people that never beat it and just did the guild quests, random quests, arena, Vampire, etc without ever touching the main game. How many games have people played like that? Answer is none.

short answer... no

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RememberThe3573085d ago

I'm actually getting really pumped for this game. I've never really been interested in the Elder scrolls games before this, but I really like what I've seen so far.

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The story is too old to be commented.