The Opinionated Gamer: Ponders E3 2011

E3. The biggest celebration of games in the world, featuring more reveals, announcements, and trailers than anyone could hope to sift through. A magical time for some, with landmark titles being revealed that will shape the gaming landscape for years to come, and the obligatory Zelda title bringing grown men to tears. A cynical time for others, as they get a chance to lambast the new for not being as good as the old, and all the emotion that could only come with the announcement of a new Nintendo Console. But somewhere between the Wii U and Halo 4, after we digested the new BioShock and Skyrim trailers and stopped staring at Bastion, we got some actual news, and the horizon of our industry got a little clearer. So what does it look like? Let’s examine the big three to find out.

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