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Max_Dissatisfaction3445d ago

inFAMOUS 2...week 3 and out of top 10, thats not good

Kungfue3445d ago

LOL child of eden 10k first week now no where to be seen.

coolfool3445d ago

It's a shame that games like these do so well. Not saying the game is bad just that its cheap (to make) and casual. I just worry when I see games like this doing so well that games bosses will stop making full content "hardcore" games. I hope they don't though.

JellyJelly3445d ago

If they only make games that cater to one audience the market for that type of games gets saturated fast. There will always be room for both casual and hardcore games.

mcstorm3444d ago

Zumba has been pushed this week on the TV for the Wii and I think most of the big stores are bundling it into the wii too. Plus people want to get fit for the summer and are now using video games rather than the Gym to get fit.

Im abit shocked Zelda dropped so quick thought it would of done very well here in the UK.