Is EVE Online’s Clothing Fiasco the "Sad Culmination of Vainness"?

In an interesting footnote to last week's highly emotional and controversial EVE Online clothing release, the game's senior producer Arnar Hrafn Gylfason wrote a blog post defending his company's decision to have virtual clothing goods costing more than real-world equivalents.

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RumJunkie3087d ago

Vanity. Not 'vainness' - vanity. Sheesh.

Jack-Dangerously3087d ago

Almost exactly what I was thinking as I read that title.

People should really learn how to talk before posting articles. :/

NO_PUDding3087d ago

Hahah, exactly what I came to post.

I ahve got to say last time I posted on one of these articles you could never expect the sole commenters to be as particular as we are.

Solid_Dave3086d ago

Yea I noticed that too. lol

Jdoki3086d ago

If every there was a case of voting with your wallet - the EVE DLC is a prime example of where it should apply.

I have no issue with the price - because I would never be stupid enough to pay for it. but to those people who do buy these items - fair enough, whatever floats your boat.