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PS3Blog: "The first inFamous game from Sucker Punch shocked the industry with its excellent first game that tackles the decision making of choosing either following the good or evil path, to be a hero or a villain. Can Sucker Punch return with another electrifying hit or will inFamous 2 come up nothing other than a simple sidekick?"

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PS3Blog3448d ago

A side note of something I forgot to mention in the review is that your save data and trophy data for the first inFamous game will be imported to inFamous 2 and will alter the story and give you bonuses upon starting.

Jack-Dangerously3448d ago

Oh man! I recently got inFAMOUS(duh lol) and I've almost platinumed(?) it. Gonna be my first!.

Anyway, as soon as I platinum this game I'm going straightaway to the store and get inFAMOUS 2.

The ending of inFAMOUS was INsane imo. Very, very awesome.

PS3Blog3448d ago

You must go get inFamous 2 it's a fantastic game! I will be trying to platinum inFamous 2.