AusGamers BioShock: Infinite Post-E3 Preview

AusGamers has previewed BioShock: Infinite and writes:

"BioShock: Infinite couldn’t be further from its original underwater predecessor while being so close. It’s the ties that bind, they say, and in Infinite this comes in the form of a character-driven opus peripherally fleshed out with heavy political undertones, social commentary and solid shooter gameplay. It’s a game where the very world around you is as important a character as yourself, or the beautiful Elizabeth Infinite’s narrative has tasked you with saving. Every step you take in this bold new world from Irrational Games - or at least the steps we’ve seen thus far - offers you something new and enticing; a rich, colourful palette of infinite danger and infinite wonder..."

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Solid_Dave3447d ago

This game is gonna be awesome.

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