US PlayStation Store Update 11/1/07

PS3/PSP game

Twisted Metal 2


NFS: ProStreet

Add On

the Godfather

Game Videos

Uncharted "Massive" trailer
GT5 Prologue TGS video
NFS ProStreet TV spot
Burnout "Annihilator" trailer
Burnout "Hawker" trailer
Burnout "Roadster" trailer
Beowulf the game trailer
Playstation Eye video

Movie trailers

the Bucket List trailer
Close Encounters BD trailer

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Panthers4866d ago

This might be the first PS1 game i get on the PSN

Loved this game so much.

dhammalama4866d ago

maybe you'd like Toy Car! jk

but it's available on the jpn store.

kreetah4865d ago

I had not entended to get TimeShift, but the demo was pretty good. It may have just earned a sale :)

Canidae4866d ago

Nice update Sony. With Uncharted coming next week this looks to be an awesome month for demos, and updates.

unlimited4866d ago

nice update going to be downloadin the demos and trailers..hope they put out more games

Dante82054866d ago

but on the other hand its so f*cking hard to download something because the servers are backed up...please dont make updates on thursdays anymoer

Eric19704865d ago

i have never had a problem downloading anything. I am connected via wireless and things always run smooth.

BenderDGreat824866d ago

bring out Warhawk for the PS!!

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The story is too old to be commented.