Can Ratchet And Clank Save The PS3?

A fox-like alien and his robot sidekick on a mission to save the galaxy could also help save sales of Sony's PlayStation 3, which has struggled to find a game so good that it gives people reason to buy the pricey console.

Microsoft's Xbox 360 has had several, including this year's "Halo 3", but Sony is still trying to find a megahit of its own as games like "Heavenly Sword" and "Folklore" have failed to make the kind of splash needed to convince holdouts.

Sony badly needs a hit for the PS3, which has lagged the Xbox 360 and Nintendo's Wii. By the end of September, the PS3 had sold about 5.6 million units, compared to more than 13 million each for the Xbox 360 and Wii.

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cr33ping_death4868d ago

save it from what excatly???? no its not doomed. no its not going the way of the dreamcast.

unlimited4868d ago

dont worry we will get countless of article on the 360 being doomed in 2008..

wageslave4868d ago


Well, what absolutely insane person would write such articles? The Xbox 360 will almost certainly (99.9999%) continue to dominate game sales and console sales.

What on earth would make a person write such nonsense?

jackfatal4868d ago

so insecure??
dont worry the x360 sale well sell 2 millions 2008 just like 2007!! so every thing is stable now for x360 and will be the sane in 2008

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power of Green 4868d ago

I always wanted to know what the hell that Ratchet thing was, I always thought it was a Rat or something.

shmee4868d ago

a cartoon game at 640p and flopped allo ver EU and JAPAN.

x360 is the least selling console in JAPAN and EU

socomnick4868d ago

shmee that game your talking about is the #1 game in the planet right now a game so big it had midnight launches all over the country. Nothing in the ps3's lineup will have such a big impact on society or push videogames into mainstream like halo has done.

Antiomo4867d ago

are wow and starcraft.... both from blizzard both for pc :) cheers.

kevin11224867d ago

are you kidding socomnick, the playstation brand has already done that and has games that have sold more than halo. Believe it or not halo isnt the highest selling game, not even close.

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power of Green 4868d ago

Must be bad for the 360 Shmee is approving it rather than reporting it, this ofcourse proves its probably nonsense anyways, not going to read it.

BLaZiN PRopHeT4868d ago

lol i saw that also. he didnt read the article i guess cuz he took his approval back and now reported it.

shmee4868d ago


mighty_douche4868d ago

when why the f*ck are you here, this isnt a chat room!

power of Green 4868d ago

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shmee4868d ago

x360 is dead in JAPAN and EU

MK_Red4868d ago

Hope Ratchet sells enough and helps PS3. Also hope that people don't dismiss the game because of stupid GameSpot review.

wageslave4868d ago

The Metacritic average is 8.9 / 10.

Its not just Gamespot that has issues with the game.

Liquid Ocelot4868d ago

it may have 8.9/10 on meta-critics but Ratchet and clank has a 91% average on game-rankings here is the link for you to see
face it X-box Fans Ratchet and clank is a triple AAA title.

Bebedora4868d ago

@5.1 - You do have tunnel vision don't you?