Zelda: Ocarina of Time Glitches are Intentional in 3DS Version

According to an interview with the developers of the 3DS remake of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, they have dileberatly left in game glitches from it’s original Nintendo 64 version.

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Solid_Dave3447d ago

Neat. Its like they want to keep the nostalgia up.

badz1493447d ago

this is the new excuse now?

Merivigian3447d ago

And this is why I like Nintendo, they know how to make you remember the good times. Just reading this makes me want to plug in the N64 and play OoT.

nopunctuation3447d ago

Too bad they cant keep up with the times.

EYEamNUMBER13447d ago

what you want them to make over hyped FPS?

nopunctuation3447d ago

No I want them to actually make a console that is on par with current gen technology. I want them to forget about "the good times" and make a new IP that doesnt involve ripping off fat people like a bad infomerical. I want to see nintendo take a chance with thier games for once and make a console that can truly take advantage of those games.

Dsnyder3447d ago

nopuntuation is right and definitely sounds like a really sexy man.

nopunctuation3447d ago

^Get off the computer, Dad.

EYEamNUMBER13447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

they did take chances and the gamers ignored them when they did (n64/GC) people have no one to blame but themselves for what nintendo has become

someone once said before they make new ips its not nintendos fault everyone only seems to really care about their old ones

qface643447d ago

"take a chance with thier games for once and make a console that can truly take advantage of those games"

it sounds like all you want is another GRFX system

TenkoTAiLS3447d ago

So i guess you will be supporting them and buying a Wii U then? Does that not fill your first irk that you have with them?

Or will you use the same excuse that others are using, "I will wait for a console that has not even been announced yet, that will be (insert generic number here) times more powerful than the Wii U, because it is 6-7 years on from the PS3 and 360 tech wise (even tho the same thing could be said about the Wii U) and Nintendo's consoles have always been underpowered (even tho the Wii is the first one in their history that has been) and they constantly milk their franchises and should come up with something new (but if they announce Halo 4, God of War 4, GTA 5, CoD5, Battlefield 3 etc etc etc i will scream praise to the heavens that my prayers have been answered).

Yea sorry, but personally i think a lot of the slander and negative things being said are rather hypocritical. Sure i believe they could use a few more IP's and sure they do get everything they can out of the ones they have.

But if you stop to think about it, they would not keep making all these sequels and spin off games in the IP's that they do have if they didn't sell. They are a company, same as the other two, if Mario sells, which it does, they will get all the cash they can out of it. If Zelda sells, which it does, they will keep making new entries in the series.

But sure, by all means, lets forget about "the good times" cause hell, i know when i am having a good time i am not having fun. Its totally not the "good times" that we want to bring back again or replicate.

There's a reason people want new games in old series, or why people want collections, and HD remakes. And why some of them like Nintendo's ones are still going strong at the age of 25. It's because they are awesome games.

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Madusha3447d ago

I like what they are doing here :D Keeping the old and Nintendo loyal gamers happy.

blumatt3447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

This is all cool and good, but where are the new IPs?? Where are your own Heavy Rains and The Last Guardians and LittleBigPlanets etc. etc.?? Nintendo is the absolute worst at giving more of the same. They're the Activision of console manufacturers. FYI, Nintendo, if you're saying you're wanting to give us originality, please make some new AAA IPs for us to play, not more Mario, Zelda, Kirby [insert adjective] etc. Keep on making Mario etc. That's fine, but give us original new games as well.

Madusha3447d ago

How about a nintendo unique FPS game with some nice graphics? I'm sure they are planning something like that.

CrazyForGames3447d ago

"Nintendo is the absolute worst at giving more of the same"

you just said the opposite of what you were trying to say

they make new ips
off the top of my head
last story, xenoblade amd pandoras tower come to mind
just like EYE said people only care about nintendos classic franchises if they actually wanted NEW IPS like everyone always act like they do then people wouldn't ignore their new ips

StarWolf3447d ago (Edited 3447d ago )

dont forget about good old Samus.....or the NEW IP Pikmin from last gen. or Animal Crossing. or the revived Kid Icarus.. And also your just an idiot doesnt realize that many of nintendo IP games are not similar. Last I remember Mario Galaxy didnt have a water jet pack on his back. Last I remember, Luigi didnt always have a vacuum.

spektical3447d ago

lol.. in other words. we forgot the code, and dont want to take the time to fix it, and/or we don't want to put more money into it.

Arnon3447d ago

I wonder if you even know what these glitches are. You ever think that they were fun to perform, or are you just trying to smear Nintendo?