We Have Been Abused as Gamers This Generation

Stephen Kelley from gamrFeed writes:-

"Earlier this week, I posted an article about how “the West” had been robbed of the third Valkyria Chronicles game, and how I was getting cranky about it. This was simply because it appears on a console that isn’t too popular here, and that most publishers have abandoned – the PSP. Then the news rang out about the Nintendo protests, and I became even more annoyed. How can game companies complain about us not buying their games when they have abused us as consumers for the better part of this decade?"

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pangitkqb3440d ago

Abused by the new world of online gaming? Abused by HD graphics? Multiplayer? Blu-ray? Built in hard drives? Post release support we ABSOLUTELY INSIST on putting in a negative light...even though some games, like the seven-year-old Half Life 2 and others, benefit greatly from it. Abused by multiple, open methods of distribution based directly on consumer preference?

This generation has NOT been abused. This generation is full of whining complainers with absolutely no sense of gratitude to the hard working devs and publishers who risk MILLIONS with every release. This is the most misguided "article" in a generation.

Rather than whine about our disappointed sense of entitlement, let's learn to be grateful, appreciative, rewarding consumers. Not every game is a masterpiece, but most were created by people who actually care for the industry. I, for one, appreciate their willingness to try.

Army_of_Darkness3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

...... (takes a deep breath)..... My name is Bruce Campbell and my ps3 beats me. (exhales ) well, Im glad i got that off my chest! Back to gaming!

zerocrossing3440d ago

@pangitkqb The devs should be making the games better in order to sell them to us, I don't care about master pieces I'm just tired of the mindless and endless rehashes of current IP's look at Halo they're making a 4th game, I meen c'mon is this game for us? Hell no it isn't they know no matter what Halo will sell BIG so they will milk it until it dies just like COD, GoW, Uncharted and whatever else the kids are playing these days.

FrankenLife3440d ago

PSP games don't sell in the west because they are all free, not because the PSP isn't popular enough.

N4g_null3440d ago

If you feel abused then why not try making your own games? You guys obviously know the answers right? Well we need more people in the industry that make new ips instead of worker bees for the next sequel.

Also if the game is too linear then it might be due to story telling. Infinit and even multiple endings don't work all that well.

Before you go off on me tell me what games in the past have the treats you want and need. This can be constructive instead of whiny.

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dangert123440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

We have been abused
-the quality of some of these games,gliches bugs
- the pricing of content etc

good article

Solid_Dave3440d ago

We were abused by hackers, yes.

Godmars2903440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

This gen seems saturated by disappointment, excuses, manipulation and any number of statements which says "we're listening" with results that scream they clearly aren't.

The worst after Kotick doing what he did with COD and Infinity Ward has to be Wada, Square and what's happened to the FF franchise.

Would also like to bring up my most common complaint of white text on black background. Good enough for a short read but hurts the eyes if its a long story. Mine anyway.

darksied3440d ago

How can you be abused by overpriced DLC? You already have the game, there's almost NO dlc out there that will compete quality-wise with the main game. Don't like it? Don't even touch it.

The only abuse that might be happening is the CoD DLC effect. $15 for a map pack that you don't really want, and reviews will ALWAYS say they're good with high scores, then your friends get it and peer-pressure you into getting it. That's the only thing I can think of. Anything else, just don't get it.

Ninver3440d ago

not me. i refuse to buy games from incompetent devs.

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