Nintendo Talks First-Party vs. Third-Party Quality

Following Nintendo's first-half fiscal results, in which the company saw its profits double to 132.42 billion yen (US$1.16 billion) thanks to the Wii and DS, corporate management held a lengthy financial Q&A session to answer a variety of questions about Nintendo's business now and in the future.

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MK_Red4866d ago

Well, up until last week I said every 3rd party game on Wii platforms is weak to mediocre and good only in case of Rayman Rabbids...
But then I saw ack & Wiki. If such a masterpiece can be made for Wii by 3rd party, then it's laziness of devs that other 3rd party Wii games look poor and last-gen and control badly.

Gamespot-equals-EGM4866d ago

I think the Wii is just too hard to program for, that's why almost all the good Wii games are 1st party games.


Almighty4866d ago

Those guys are swiming in money, they should buy some studios to create more and more quality games frequently.

Covenant4866d ago

So far for the Wii:

1st party games: Mostly good.

3rd party games: Mostly bad. (There are exceptions)

Lazy devs? Bad ports?

I think companies weren't prepared for the runaway success of the Wii, and rushed out bad ports to quickly capitalize on the system's popularity. That's a shame, because in the midst of all the garbage, a few gems like Rayman, Elebits, and Zack and Wiki have less chance to stand out.

Nintendo should tighten the reins a little and make sure that 3rd party games meet certain qualities.

jinn4864d ago

nintendo is number one in producing it's own characters for it's company

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