Do Gamers Think Call Of Duty Has The Best Online Community? writes: Late last week, MMGN writers Heller and Tano put forth their opinions on Call of Duty's online community. The response from MMGN members seems to be fairly one-sided, with many siding with Heller's opinion that, No, Call of Duty doesn't have the best online community, contrary to comments suggesting it did.

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TheBeast3445d ago Is that a rhetorical question?

thugbob3445d ago

Exactly. No way the Call of Duty community is the best.

Ranshak3445d ago

TF2 its free to play, gets free updates, has dedicated servers, has 16vs16, community mods, runs on just about any 4-5yr old machine.

Cod is just another cod clone, why buy what you have already bought before?

Time to try TF2 for free.

3444d ago
nopunctuation3444d ago

If by "best" you mean a community full of 12 year old boys then yes.

bumnut3444d ago

Wow you must really be into 12 year old boys :)

Nitrowolf23445d ago (Edited 3445d ago )

Hell no. It's filled with nothing but screaming kids. Dammit why can't parents respect the age limit and not let their kids run around with these game with a Freakn Mic. Thank god for the mute option.
But i will admit it does have the most active users when it comes to console games

death2smoochie3444d ago

If you seen some of the parents that let their kids play this game then you would know that age requirements and guidelines specifically geared to help parents purchase appropriate games for their children are thrown out the window.
You might as well ask Clark Kent to make a Krptonite Fruit smoothie and drink it all down in one gulp with a dash of mint then ask these so called "parents" to actually do some parenting.

Solid_Dave3445d ago

Well lets see, foul mouthed self absorbed college students, check and obnoxious dumb 12-15 year olds, check. Oh yea sure I guess it does have the best community! <---(sarcasm)

xX-StolenSoul-Xx3445d ago

It does have the largest community but not the best.

Bringing alot of douche bags and little snot nose kids in one community is a bad thing

Dart893445d ago

In all my time gaming online i have never heard such a disrespectful community like cod whenever i would play cod4 in every lobby i would join i would always hear the typical words n*****,F**k you,you're mom blah blah blah.Sometimes i just wish i could reach into my tv and pull these people and smack them across their damn ignorant faces.

LOGICWINS3445d ago (Edited 3445d ago )

I agree. I picked up COD4 for 12 bux earlier in the week. Its a pretty cool game, but the people I've encountered online are VERY annoying.

EDIT: And whats the deal with those people who play music on their mic so everyone can hear it? Do they do it on purpose or something?

Jack-Dangerously3444d ago

Oh man. The only thing that tops that is when people actually sing along to their own music!

They (I assume) are either doing it just to ruin the game for everyone, or, they actually think they are such great vocalists that they must share their gift with the world.

I play music constantly, but I play with my roommate(lol) and he's fine with it. Plus I mute everyone from the get-go.

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The story is too old to be commented.