$299 Blu-Ray for the Holidays? How About $199?

Will this be the holiday season of the $299 Blu-ray player? And will such a low price usher in mass acceptance of high-definition video discs? Could be. Here's a leading indicator: Sony says it will have Blu-ray players priced at $399, possibly lower, during the holidays. Already some Blu-ray players are in the $350-to-$400 range, while the competing HD-DVD spec is flirting with $199 and $99 price points.

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shmee4864d ago

MS is going down . they are taking HD DVD along with them

BLaZiN PRopHeT4864d ago (Edited 4864d ago )

its a rumor calm down. wait until its confirmed at least. you take this stuff way to seriously.

Edit: below. call me a bot all you want it doesn't change the fact that your very sad and take this stuff way to seriously.

shmee4864d ago

the BD drive in PS3 now costs as low as 100$ to make so SONY could just update that with firmwire and release.

HD DVD is finished

HD DVD is totally finished NOW

Boink4864d ago

dumb fanboy, even if HDDVD flops it means absolutely squat to MS.

they can rely on their HD/sd movie service, which is doing very well. They could also decide to make a blu ray addon for the 360, no skin off their back either...

Snukadaman4864d ago

shmeemee went all blind fanboy on you yea I agree with you...lets see some proof before we claim "superiority" on either some pictures from walmart before we call anything dead shmeemee.

spideyman4864d ago

As if Sony would would allow MS to have a Blu-Ray add on. Why do you think MS is backing HDDVD so badly. If HDDVD doesn't take off MS is in trouble.

snoop_dizzle4864d ago (Edited 4864d ago )

you are taking this WAY to seriously.

And also if Msoft goes down its not becasue of hddvd being that its not dependent on the format. Apparently that went over your head. And io have a feeling they aren't being that they practically run 99 percent of computers in this world(in which they make tons of money even if their OS's aren't good, the problem is probably 95 percent of those 99 don't know any better) They basically have the PC gaming sector down, and they are bigger than sony. So maybe they will withdraw from the gaming division, but thats about it.

unlimited4864d ago

1.3- come on now are you tryin to say microsoft dont really care about hddvd...what about the add on for the 360?? what about all the support for it..are you sayin microsoft is in it to lose money and they dont care they just want suckers people into buyin it then throw it all away..

lawman11084863d ago

"Our research shows Blu-ray players will be at $348 for Black Friday," he adds. "And we think that you'll have no trouble finding a Blu-ray player for under $400." That aint $150 you Fing Mo. OR 89 bucks like the ones Walmart and Best buy sold out of.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4864d ago

Sony shouldn't take chances, I don't expect them to either. I think they already learned there lesson with PS3.

shmee4864d ago

PS3 would win no doubt but SONY just elongated the process of war

as for BD vs HD DVD SONY can totally kill off HD DVD this year so why wait?

THE_JUDGE4864d ago

for anyone who has a brain and has a reasonable amount of money to spend. Consumers need to be educated and have good prices if either side wants to win.

IdontTakeSides4864d ago (Edited 4864d ago )

I highly doubt were are gonna see a sub $200 Blu Ray player this holiday..but damn with so many backers to blu-ray can't they just accept the loss..of putting out cheaper players at a loss it's not lke they aren't making money already off the software..

Grassroots4864d ago

well I'm a blu-ray fan boy all the way... but this isn't new just pure speculation, how did this approved.

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