Kinect Star Wars - Xbox 360 Hands-on Preview (G4TV)

G4TV writes: Like peanut butter and jelly, Kinect and the idea of wielding a lightsaber seem to go hand-in-hand. Since the dawn of controller-less gaming, we've all been wondering, "When will there be a Star Wars Kinect game?" Well, friends, the day has come, with the creatively named Kinect Star Wars.

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CobraKai3443d ago

I've been waiting for a motion Star Wars game since the Wii was announced. It looks like I'll be waiting even longer.

What happened to this game. When it was first shown the Jedi moved fast with Anakin like moves. Now he's as clunky as Luke. Even his Jedi Master moved like a novice.

CaliGamer3443d ago

I have to agree with the previous comments.

This game looks like it might be very inadequate, very unresponsive. However, it could be that it is very early in development, more polish might be in the works.

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