RipTen Review: Dead or Alive Dimensions (3DS)

RipTen: Dead or Alive: Dimensions is a game of firsts for the series. It is the first DOA title on a Nintendo platform. More notably, it is also the first handheld game in the series.

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jaredhart3447d ago

Sounds good for the 3Ds

bfenty3447d ago

This game is awesome. Way too good for a handheld.

xPhearR3dx3447d ago

I really need to get a 3DS at some point.

IRetrouk3447d ago

playing trough street fighter at mo, will definatly be getting this, i would honestly recomend buying one, i was on the fence untill i played one, they are fantastic handhelds, oh and everyone who gets one should play zelda, fantastic game.

Gen0ne3447d ago

Yup, it's an excellent machine and yes, everyone should play Zelda. Even if you've already played it to death previously ( like me ) Just to see the difference is worth the price of admission. There's some serious unwarranted hate for this game. It kinda needs to stop.

IRetrouk3447d ago

fanboys n girls will always throw hate at things, its just the way it is, i have never played this zelda so to me its a brand new experiance, was never really a nin fan but i have to admit that so far im very impresed, im hoping they do a mario 64 remake in the same way, updated graphics and a few new additions, also cant wait for mario kart just because mario kart is awsome.

Gen0ne3447d ago

Have this game and let me say this, any praise this game receives from the community it deserves. It's a rock solid entry and a better overall game than SF3D. The ONLY draw back to this game is that 3D drops the frame rate to 30fps and well... that's about it. It comes dangerously close to looking like it's console counterparts and controls beautifully. Oh yeah, and some of the reversals are flat out brutal. The whole T&A thing is there but not in the forefront, it's been toned down ( a bit ) and providing the connection is good, the online works well. A very competent game.

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