Reviewer Response to 'Video Game Reviews Are Broken'

Kotaku's Mark Wilson writes:

"Yesterday I posted a feature called 'Video Game Reviews Are Broken, Please Fix.' I received quite a few emails on my arguments, but wanted to share this one that I received from Brendon Lindsey, Editor-in-Chief of GamerNode. He offers the interesting perspective of an established review site that finds itself conforming to norms set by industry heavyweights."

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MK_Red4870d ago

Loved how he made fun of GameSpot's new review system "let's add pretty pictures and only score in .5 increments!" but I've got to admit that I kinda like those pics / medals.

Kuest4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

Who do you think you are hoarding up all those disagrees!

Don't be stingy- share the load, man.


I like the medals too!


Woah MK! Who do you think you are hoarding up all those agrees! Share the load, man. Don't make me have to tell you again.

Xi4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

i just think the people wanting the game to score better aren't.

Just because you may think a game is a 10, and GOTY does not mean everyone else has to. And just because you built up some great expectations about an up and coming title and it doesn't live up to your expectations doesn't mean it's a developers fault.

Always score a game between 7-10 for all i care, 7 can be awful and 10 an amazing masterpiece that has been set upon the world to create a new revolution in art and gaming. Vice versa start at 1-3 with the same insight. They're numbers get over it. The number 13 doesn't make me hate a game, me wasting 50 buck on it does.

d3l33t4870d ago

when scores vary from 5.5-10

something is wrong

Kuest4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

but I think the journalist brought up a VERY important point in that only BIG gaming sites seem to matter.

In essence, a game could literally score 3.6 across the board among small websites, but receive 9s from sites like Gamespot, IGN- and STILL be considered a critical success. While, I do think that this "one way-street" grading system is a bit unfair- its important to remember that such reviewing "heirachy" is pretty universal among ALL forms of popular entertainment.

Seriously, if you read a review for a movie, which site would it be? "" or the New York Times? Same thing pretty much goes for games.

Xi4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

why is scoring from 5.5-10 wrong?

we score things in all different means.
2 thumbs up
4 stars
5 out of 5
out of ten.

Whats the difference between starting at 5.5 and ending at 10 compared to starting at 0 and ending at 5. It's the same thing. It just sounds better. It's not reviews faults that a consumer doesn't read the review and just look at the score.

d3l33t4870d ago

When the score of a game, receives as low as 5.5 on some sites, and 10 on another (SAME SCALE)

something is wrong.

They either are closed minded, biased, or didnt properly review the game. Whether the 10 be right, or the 5.5, it shouldnt vary that widely.

You bring a valid point w/ the movie reviews.^

Xi4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

the reviewer makes a greatpoint about how most people that read reviews don't care about the scale, they assume the higher the score with regards to n, the better a game, that's not the case, what matters is how they reviewer scored the game and why.

Not every site, even though using the same means for their score ie, 1 - 10, balance the numbers between 1 - 10 properly(ie scale them the same).

Look at school, you get marks between 1 - 100, everything below 50 is a f, which means that between 100 - 50 you go through a b c d with all their +'s and -'s, another school can grade by using 1 - 100 and give F to everything below 40, or can curve the grave if they like, but another institution will still say yes your grades qualify.

Blaming the reviewing system is stupid. It's not a reviewers fault that they found glaring issues with gameplay that another missed or that they didn't enjoy the games, it's the fanboys who go around spouting allegiance to one site while calling another biased because it doesn't give the same score. Or trying to bully a site into getting a better score for a game, because a fanbase thinks it deserves better, or heaven forbid it didn't score as well as another game.

Whatever a reviewer scores is an opinion, albeit a more valued one than the person sitting one over on the bus, however, it still must be taken with a grain of salt and eventually you notice that when 1 person reviews a game consistently they rate it on their own scale, even if the site is between 1 - 10.

like I said it's a number, demo's and rentals are far more meaningful ways to get insight onto a game.

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PimpHandHappy4870d ago

reviews give me insight into what im going to buy. I dont buy a game on a review and i do not not buy a game over a review.

i buy games i think i will or have liked in the past. That one magazine that gave warhawk a 6.5 didnt stop me from wanting to play this online madness because i know i like war games or online shooters.

My buddy who gets that magazine played Warhawk on day one and he still says its lame. He says 5maps isnt enough and three vechiles is worthless. He says the game isnt balanced and plays like sh!t.

This all after about 2hours on day one. He is the prime example of someone taking a review and making it his own opinion.

I dont go to his pad anymore to play Halo because i find him close minded and angry

like most xbots

Kuest4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

You made a pretty good post, and then you just had to ruin it by churning your last sentence into a semi-flame diss.

Just keep it real, all fanboys are the same- whether xbot or psfan. Trying to label just one group, while ignoring the other, can also be described as "close-minded".

Xi4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

that situation applies many times over to those that go into a lan with halo 3 and come out spouting the same rhetoric. I've had friends come over and play halo, have a great time but still call the game awful, and will admit to another games allegiance, mainly because they support the brand more.

if you hadn't chosen a side, and also admitted to there being many of the same as on the faction you support the post would've came out a lot better. IMHO.

randomGuyOnline4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

I remember when GamePro scored Xenogears a 3/5. If I had based my purchase on their review at the time, I would've never have played the game, and would have missed out on one of the PSXs best RPG. After that, I pretty much based all of my purchases on whether I enjoy the genre or not. I usually take reviews as an opinion about the game. I don't look at the score, but instead, read what they thought about the game.

Reviews should be more about the substance of the game and less about framerates(unless the game is unplayable), resolution, and all that other stuff. I'm more interested in the game rather than the technology behind it. People these days pay too much attention to scores and ignore the real reason us gamers play games. We play to have fun, but reviews sites such as metacritic are running it for everyone. I know, I for one, don't go around saying "hah my game's triple AAA, just look at metacritic or gamerankings." I don't do it because I'm more interested in the game rather than the score.

Anyway, sorry for the long post.

@Kuest I swore it looked longer when I was typing it out. LOL

Thanks for the comment.

Kuest4870d ago (Edited 4870d ago )

Don't worry man, your cool.

Lol, I never thought I would learn something from a random guy online. Good post, man!

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