tvpredictions: Blu-ray Begging For a Beating

Over the last year, Blu-ray disc sales have outpaced HD DVD by a 2-1 margin. However, the Blu-ray forces are about to take a beating -- unless they change course and soon. And here's why: With the holidays rapidly approaching, Blu-ray is leaving itself open to a potential knockout punch. If Toshiba can sell a bunch of low-priced HD-A2s, Warner Home Video might reconsider its tilt toward Blu-ray and endorse HD DVD instead.

Unless Blu-ray supporters lower player prices -- and soon -- the studios could be the reason that the format ultimately loses.

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LSDARBY4869d ago

lolz this is too funny, so there telling use that HD-DVD could kill off Blu-ray this holiday. If a couple of months of HDDVD sales being more than Blu-ray then HD-DVD is dead already

sonarus4869d ago

You sir are wrong. Many ppl are still quite skeptikal on taking the plunge blu ray still has the lead and they have increasing ground to cover. They talk about putting an end to this war even though they arent taking the necessary steps to take dwn hd-dvd. If they allow hd-dvd to gain unnecessary momentum its their fault. Blu ray has more backers and they can definetly afford to pull out some super ultra cheap blu ray player for 200 dollars this xmas. Even if its with a mail in rebate or wateva its all about competitive pricing. And if blu ray costs 300 dollars more then i really dnt see why i should pay for it instead of hd-dvd. Right now blu ray is putting way to much faith in blu ray and its been paying off i currently own about 10 blu ray movies and i plan on addin 4 to that this xmas because i own a ps3. However not every 1 is gonna opt to buy a ps3 over a simple 200 dollar hd-dvd player jst because blu ray is the better package. Competitive pricing people

ruibing4869d ago

First off, some people need to start using sentences and paragraphs to break up their comments into something that is legible.

Second, it's not the price of players that matters to studios, it is the user base and their attachment rate. So let's say there's more standalone HD-DVD players, but about equal to the number of PS3s, it won't matter if people are still purchasing BD more than HD-DVD. You as the studio don't get money from hardware but the movies you sell. It all comes down to the 40GB and that HD-DVD player if there's no other price drops.

unlimited4869d ago

I went to many forums and people is actually gettting ready to buy the 40gb PS3 and they going to be using it mainly for games and movie..Blue ray the most studio backing them up..they have over 20 new blue ray movies releasing soon this year..just because hddvd player is selling doesnt mean anything ..hddvd lacks movies..its a shame people who buy it dont know about it..

Eclipticus4869d ago

ps3 lacks games, but people still buy it. its a shame for people who dont know.
but dont worry games like the movies will come.

godofthunder104869d ago

i love movies and have over a 1000 dvds and i'm no fan of any one of them and i wasn't planning on buying any hd player till i've read that they will have a hd-dvd player for $98.
i know some other people that's going to buy one too.i've read where some one posted that people will buy the 40 ps3 instead of the hd-dvd player well i don't know any one who's interrested in the is still having problems selling the ps3 and that's a fact.i'm not saying that the ps3 want sell any because they will for christmas but the 360 and this new announcement about the $98 hd player will out sell the ps3 and that mean that the hd-dvd format will be in good shape.
when the 360 wich you could buy a cheap hd-dvd add on and the $98 hd-dvd player out sell the ps3 and br players fo christmas then a lot of the studios that only make br disks will have to start making hd-dvd to,so people need to stop saying that br won already because the war is way off from being finished.i've never bought a next gen player and stuck with regular dvds because i didn't want to wast my money on the format that might that they have a $98 hd-dvd player i'm buying one and my friend to because it's cheap and from what i've read the hd-dvd format has a lot more extras then br and they have the same picture and some even looks better on the hd-dvd format.they will have a lot of movie fans like me(not game fans but true movie fans)who didn't buy any next gen systems and stayed with regular dvds will now buy the $98 hd-dvd player for the price and it will sell a lot of players to,true movie fans that didn't want to spend $100s of dollars on a format that might loose but will spend less then a $100 on one to watch hd movies,because if it loose they want loose a lot of money.

LOL PS3 IS JUNK LOL4869d ago

Sony always loses format wars. Hit that disagree button only if you plan on watching a beta max movie tonight.

The flame wars are going to be hilarious when you PS3 owners are all running a dead format.

W A I T B 3 Y O N D

mralexander4869d ago

----> 1.5
True movie fans don't always look at pricing as a factor, what they want is which studio will bring them their favorite movies and at the best quality. If someone is to have a good hi-def TV to play movies on, they would most likely shell out the extra buck for a better player. Plus you can't say that since its cheaper you'll be losing less in the end, no one wants to be on the losing end, that's why most movie fans believe waiting it out is better than losing out.

godofthunder104868d ago

you can't tell me that a real movie fan want take a chance and spend $98 on a hd player before they spend $400 on one till they have a winner. you also said that they go by quality,well if that's true why would they spend $400 on a system when they could get one for $98 with the same quality picture and more extras,so keep saying it then maybe you will start beliving it yourself but the price matter more then anything with the new formats because they both play in 1080p and that is why price matters.will you spend $400 on a player when you could get one $200 or $98 that plays the same.i know by reading your post you probaly own a ps3,if it wasn't for the ps3 then br would be dead all ready and if the ps3 had hd-dvd in it instead of br then you and all the fanboys would say that hd-dvd is better because after reading all the sony fanboys post they think that the ps3 and sony is god and any thing that has something to do with the ps3 is better to them just because it's in the ps3.

mralexander4867d ago

----> 1.8
The $200/$98 hd-dvd player is 720p/1080i max resolution. If you were to compare the 1080p devices, Toshiba's cheapest player goes a little above $300 which is not much of a steal over a $400 ps3. I like the ps3 but i don't consider myself a Fan boy. My original comment was that true movie fans would most likely wait until the winner is decided before making the move from dvd's to high def dvd's. Find your facts before you open your flap.

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IdontTakeSides4869d ago

and becuase we are all too certain that Blu-Ray players won't recieve a price drop also..not to mention better exclusives this holiday..HD-DVD..will even the mighty Transformers could have turn the tides for the already dead format...

RED IS DEAD..ppl...."I DO BLU"...

Baron794869d ago

before you waste more of your money on bluray.
Hey I'm just trying to help.

Eclipticus4869d ago

mighty transformers?
just wait till they release a good movie that is universally agreed upon. Now if Star Wars or LOTR came out. and still not pushing units. thats one thing. but Transformers, though looks good is still basically a childs toy tie-in.

Bloodmask4869d ago

Bestbuy is selling the HD-A2 for $99.99 as well as a lot of other outlets. And the cheapest Bluray player is $300 more. The standalone install base will decide the format war. NOT the PS3.

PS3 gave the Bluray movies a nice boost in sales. But the simple fact is that "most" PS3 owners do not buy Bluray movies. If they did HD DVD would already be dead. The standalone players have a higher movie attach rate. These are the consumers that count. It was a nice mask by Sony to include Bluray in the PS3. This was done only to slant the install base to cheat Toshiba.

The primary reason for including Bluray in the PS3 was that Sony could push their agenda...which is winning the "Format War". It is also nice for games, but that is secondary. Is it coincidence that originally the PS3 was bundled with Talledega Nights and now is being bundled with Spiderman 3 on Bluray?? Probably not.

It is kind of funny how all the Sony extremists "want" Bluray to win when all along they have been used in Sony's little chess match with Toshiba.

LSDARBY4869d ago

Most ps3 owners may not buy blu-ray movies but im sure alot do. and this shows by the 2:1 ratio.

ruibing4869d ago

I think the $99 is a Black Friday sale. Since when were Black Friday sales seen as a stable price drop?

tethered4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

What movie companies and movie executives are looking at is the total number of sales of HD movies and not total number of players sold.

Players sold means absolutely nothing to them because they make absolutely nothing off the players that are being sold.

They are the only ones that matter in this war because they have the final say on what will win. And I ask you now, what format is selling more HD movies and what format will sell more after the holiday?

The answer is Blu-Ray. You know why?
Because even though most PS3 owners use the PS3 for gaming there is a huge number of them that buy movies to watch on their Blu-Ray player too. Thats why its 2 to 1 now.

I believe the number of PS3 owners is going to skyrocket this holiday and that will directly effect the sales of Blu-Ray movie sales.

Blu-Ray movie sales will only increase.

It is kind of funny how all the Anti Sony extremists "want" Blu-ray to lose when all along they have been used in Toshiba's little chess match with Sony spurred on by Microsoft.
X-Box fanboys are funny. They have nothing to lose unless they bought in to the whole $200.00 add on player from M$.

Wow 3 disagrees without a word as to why?
So much easier to just click that disagree than to give a reason as to why you disagree.

Oh well, thats a fanboy for you.......

LOFT3164869d ago

Bloodmask the hd-a2 for $99 well aint that cheaper than the add on for the xbox? and if the cheapest blu ray is $300 well the consumer might as well buy a 40g PS3 its all win for the PS3 and blu ray and i'm sure if you searched the net for the cheapest hd dvd you can find a cheaper blu ray player but then again you won't want to do that to yourself now do you BLOODSUCKA

athlon7704869d ago

Your logic is there, but you are forgetting one very important thing. Those of us who purchased a PS3 because of its features, are playing our HD games on a HDTV. Now, after seeing how great a true HD picture looks, do you honestly want everyone to beleve that we are watching SD-DVD's on that big TV? Now I am by no means saying we are rushing out to replace all of our DVD's with BD since the PS3 does a great job at upscalling, but any new purchases sure as heck will be bought blue. Take into acct that the majority of studios are behind big blue (sorry IBM, hope I didn't do any copyright infrigments there) and not the red haired step child, well we have all heard it before.

I guess what we need is a independant rich person to take part of there vast millions of dollars and give 200,000.00 to each of the current BD studios to stay blue and pull WB over from neutral. Thats what we need. And set them as exclusive for 24months. Yeah, that will teach those red backers!

pukka_p4869d ago

Absolutely correct.

Since I got PS3 in March I look to buy every movie I want on blu-ray. If it's available and not ridiculously over-priced I get the blu-ray version.

As it happens, I have bought only 7 BDs since March - mostly because BD impulse purchases in the UK usually cost 45-60 USD (I know, it's frickin' crazy), but also cos the movies available haven't inspired. I'm planning on also replacing some classics in my DVD collection - lucas, LOTR, etc - when possible. I think a substantial number of PS3 owners will be thinking along similar lines.

Also, it's worth bearing in mind that the PS3, in AV reviews, tends to get 90% scores or higher as a high def disc spinner (in UK anyway). I can imagine a substantial minority buy it as a movie player....

Having r3ad som3 posts on this sit3 I und3rstand that as a PSe owv3r my sign off pi3ce has to hav3 swapped 3's and e's - sorry I mean e's and 3's... Not sur3 why...

HarryEtTubMan4868d ago

Whocares? I have a Blu Ray player and you don't! Regardless of what "you" think... the president of Disney... at this point in the game is already declaring victory.... as is Panasonic... and TDMK which makes burnable discs... and Columboa, Tristar, Mgm and ofcourse Sony. All electronics distributers except Toshiba. They don't stand a chance beating Sony by theirselves much less with all the support sony has. And yes the PS3 is going to deceide the format just like PS2 did for DVD. Sony is smarter than you are kid. They don't make 35% defective console with "add ons." Perfection out of the box. You lose

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Naruto4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

Wal-Mart this Friday will sell the Toshiba HD-A2 HD DVD player for $98 as a special pre "Black Friday" sale. The announcement comes after, Circuit City and Wal-Mart revealed they would sell the player for $198 during non-promotional periods.

Grassroots4869d ago

Well it would take much more than just a winter to kill off blu-ray. There are a heck of a lot more supporters in the BDA versus Toshiba, Microsoft, and a few more. Either way it's this persons ideals, but this format has some legs on it, i feel.