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Jason Venter states, "It's difficult to imagine anyone over 15 falling in love with that end result, even if he's a real turd burglar."

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FACTUAL evidence3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

Some franchises are dead for a reason, but some people would never understand, because they used to love them so much ages ago. I knew this game was going to fail hard, not even surprised.

I know duke was good back then, but when I saw it this year, it just seemed too generic. People were talking about 10 years to make. Maybe they were not working on it for that long. You can tell by the easter eggs and what not that the game wasn't even in foundation 3 years ago...

EDIT: Don't necessarily mean in dev for 10 years...but maybe the idea of the game...If anyone think this game was being developed for more than 3 years is crazy.

DOOMZ3448d ago

Honestly, if ya have a sense of humor, the games not that bad... I am having a blast playing through it rite now. I just think some people are real prudes!