NAMI Blasts Rockstar, Manhunt 2

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) condemned Rockstar Games' Manhunt 2 on Thursday, claiming the game is a "irresponsible, stereotyped portrayal of people with mental illnesses."

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PS360WII4869d ago

just like health nuts are offended by butter and non-smokers are offended by smokers and smokers are offended by non-smokers and the religions are offended by people who believe in God but not the way they believe in God and race is offended by the other race and...

Lightning Mr Bubbles4869d ago

Damn wackos. That's excatly how they are, like in Manhunt. Mentals/sickos have nothing on their mind but kill kill kill, in sick ways.

If they aren't violent, then why are they locked up?

Lightning Mr Bubbles4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

Even people who you would think know better, adults in their mid 30's are constantly defending video games, because it's their hobby. The fact is it's true, some games are kinda twisted.

People get influced by all this stuff, movies, games, music. You can say whatever, they don't sell GTA to minors. In the end you'll have 11 year olds all over the world playing GTA. Maybe it's their older brothers who buy it, but in the end kids end up having access to these violent games either way. Parents in general don't take video games serious enough yet.

So people like Jack Thompson are right, but nobody cares. People defend video games and the system is wrong. And I like it. Even though I can see it's just wrong I like it because that's how I am.

I'm one of those weird people, it's like when people are defending you saying your not bad, but inside you know they're wrong because you are bad. But you just go along with it.

PS360WII4869d ago

If the parents think it is such an outrage and if the kids will still get the game regarless of age all the consoles now have this niffty parental control in the system. They don't need to take it serious they just need to set the system up for the kid at least.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4869d ago (Edited 4869d ago )

I still say most parents don't know enough about video games, I don't see too many mothers messing with the XBOX 360 adjusting the settings. They barley know how to use DVD players.

It's not even that simple. It's not like most Parents just have an only child 10 year old to worry about. I mean in a family there's usually a teenager also. It's hard to seperate things, on what's right for who. It's just not as easy as it sounds.

It's as hard as Parents trying to control teenagers, the fact is if they give a teenager trust or freedom they're gonna do whatever the hell they want. The only one who can control their actions is themselfs. Parenting is not that easy.

PS360WII4869d ago

oh yea I hear ya, but the companies are trying at least. Will be a while before anything solid comes out of keeping the children save.

kornbeaner4869d ago

The world has never been a clean place. Since the beginning of time there has always been violence in this world. From wars over land, religion, or race to spending the day with the family meant watching men fight just for the right to fight another day.

Somewhere along the lines makind has lost something called family values. We used to be able to blame a murder or rapist on growing up in a wrong family, but now you see murders and rapists coming from homes that were suppose to be "GOOD". Why? cause now Moms and Dads are just to damn "busy" with their own lives to give proper care to the life they brought into this world. Not all parents are bad, but some of them put financial gain and braggin rights over the well being of their offspring. That is what causes all this stuff to happen. I've been playing violent game since the heyday of the arcade, but my dad always kept me in check, he took the time to explain to me that these games are fake and that actions like these are only meant for the digital world and if a movie was on that he thought was to violent and gory, guess what? he turned it off and waited for me to go to sleep before he watched it.

Granted that the industry will never make it to a point where "M" rated games will never reach little hands, but thats where the parents have to step in and try the best they can to keep it from ever reaching their child. Sure the kid can go over to their friends house and still play the game, so why not have to friend come over to your house that way you can keep an eye on what your child is doing. If the child doesn't like it tough. Your the parent and not him. You have to decide what the rules are under YOUR ROOF, if he thinks hes to grown to pay attention, you say "Welcome to the real world and rent is due on the 1st of every month, these are the rules and then you can do as you please"

Maybe games are a little to blame for some of the fall in humanity, but having bad humans taking care of the future generation is not exactly the best way to fix that.

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solar4869d ago

everyone is a freaking wussy nowadays. "oh that offends me", "oh, that makes me uncomfortable". cry me a freaking river. everyone has to cry or whine about something.

Mcrmarcher4869d ago

Im so fed up with people moaning about this game it's not real its just fantasy! same as a horror movie except u playing the main role. So its a bloody game its not the first,resident evil for exampel.