EA Sports Won’t Say MMA’s Dead, but Won’t Say It’s Getting a Sequel, Either

Kotaku - To many, the UFC's acquisition of the competing fight series Strikeforce in March spelled the end of EA Sports MMA. While EA Sports' chief of development did not say that a sequel is in development, he did not say the label was quitting the sport altogether.

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NYC_Gamer3448d ago

its dead because they have zero known talent to license

DrFUD3447d ago

Even the UFC series is dead.
The MMA style fighter game was nifty the first year it came out but nobody needs another.

LOGICWINS3447d ago

If you don't know who Fedor or Kung Lee is..then your not an MMA fan to begin with.

JellyJelly3447d ago

His name is Cung Le and he's not even active in MMA anymore.

I'd rather mention Anderson Silva, George St Pierre, Nick Diaz, BJ Penn or Jose Aldo.

Anyways, it's a shame if EA MMA has to die, since it's the best, most fun and most authentic MMA game out there.

LOGICWINS3447d ago

^^I disagree about EA MMA being the most fun MMA game out there. EA nailed it as far as production values are concerned..but strikes lacked a sense of power.

JellyJelly3447d ago

@LOGICWINS - I agree to an extent. They lacked a sense of power but at least the knockdown animations weren't scripted as in the UFC games. I just feel EA MMA had more potential for an amazing sequel than the UFC games.

Urmomlol3448d ago

It's dead, unless they're going to strike a deal with Bellator.

Soldierone3447d ago

The game could be cool, but its not my type of game. The one thing I hate about UFC is when they have fighters that constantly go to the ground. Its so boring to watch, and as it turns out its just as boring to play.

The game kept doing it, whenever you turned up the difficulty all it would do is have the other guy constantly trying to take you to the ground. At least from my experience with it. The same goes for UFC. I guess if I want actual outright fighting i should just stick with the arcade and mortal kombat.

Nicaragua3447d ago

How is being taken to the ground by a UFC fighter any worse than being juggled up in the air by a teleporting ninja?

It just sounds like you couldnt get your head around the ground fighting mechanics because then you wouldnt have seen it as such a negative to have your fighter on his back.

OMGitzThatGuy3447d ago

Teleporting Ninja = Awesome
Nuff Said

Soldierone3447d ago

Yeah the game is way too complicated for me to understand and grasp, cus you know I don't play enough games to understand it. Caught me there....

At least with a teleporting ninja there is a combo that needs to be pressed for it to work and BOTH players are constantly moving keeping the pace way faster than this game. Like i said this game wasn't for ME, so I dont understand how that warrants an insult but whatever welcome to N4G.

Nicaragua3447d ago

Jeez dont be so sensitive - theres nothing in my reply thats even remotely phrased like an insult so quit being all butthurt just because i offered a differing opinion.

Back on topic - you do realise that a takedown in UFC also requires button presses right? And then further button presses to keep you down, and then further button presses to change position, and then further button presses to do ground attacks...

Fair enough if you like faster paced arcade like fighters but thats hardly relevant to the article. You might as well find a GT5 article and then bleat on about how its not as fast as Wipeout.

StarWolf3447d ago

So Dana White actually killed EA's game. Next up, he's calling a guy - to take down the internet

Quagmire3447d ago

Who cares, I just want another Story-driven Boxing Game.

Fight Night Champion 2 please!

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