Assassin's Creed: PlayTM Preview

Pro-G writes: "All in all the breadth and freedom of the game's worlds is staggering, and the movement and combat can at times be a joy. That said, our inability to sample missions, or spend longer with the game leaves us unsure whether Ubisoft Montreal's 'organic design' mantra has really hit the nail on the head from a control perspective (do players have the patience to embrace this new scheme?). That said, Assassin's Creed is truly 'next-generation' from an artistic and design standpoint, and it looks like we could be rewarded with a truly inventive title, even if it isn't utterly flawless when it reaches the Xbox 360 and PS3 in a few weeks time."

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Scythesean4874d ago (Edited 4874d ago )

still no jump button, that's like spider-man games that don't let you control when to shoot the webbing or where you can jump to.

Big let down it may be easier to play but it takes that freedom away, at least that's how I feel others might like the idea.

Hackworth4874d ago

sure the auto jump stuff seems kinda lame. but to be honest. i think it will work for it. (you do have to click buttons for him to climb and jump etc, not a jump button per say, but if you don't have it clicked he wont jump =P). but im willing to try it. i personally don't have a problem with not having to worry about jump timing etc. i think the game would be to much of a pain in the arse to play if you had to do that.

OpiZA4874d ago

It's obviously been incorporated too aid gameplay... not diminish it. Give it a chance.. the game probably wouldn't work otherwise

And like Hack says.. you still need 2 push A too jump

That was a very enjoyable hands on... thanks for posting :)

judd4874d ago

"Assassin's Creed will include 20 hours of gameplay, if you stick to the main plot and don't indulge in any diversions"

That sounds great to me. And the way they have things set up with the way you jump sounds kinda interesting. Don't know if I'll like it or not, but I'm sure I will get used to it. Anyway, at 20 hours, not including your own explorations, I think it will be worth the money.

solar4874d ago

the previewer said he had to hold a trigger down and hit "a" to all hope isnt lost. 20+ hours of gameplay is well worth my $60.

Tyler Durden4874d ago

i dont like the "do players have the patience to embrace this new scheme?" sentence

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