Gamertag Radio: Child of Eden Review

Gamertag Radio writes: "Maybe I just don’t get it.

Yes, Child of Eden is a visual experience very few, if any, games can offer. The music is excellent; it’ll definitely make want to do your best Night at the Roxbury head nodding impression. And yes, it’s fairly fun to play."

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EasilyTheBest3445d ago

Stupid review really.
Cant believe he didnt get to play it with Kinect...

Bigpappy3445d ago

Exactly. The people on the internet that are saying great things and giving the game higher review scores, actually played the game with all input methods. Do you see why it is really foolish to base your purchase on rewiew scores? This is as stupid as a review gets. If you are not equiped to do a proper review, why even bother posting one and admitting you did not fully review the game. Please do not approve anymore reviews from this site. It really is a waste of everyones time.