Amy Announced for PC

Lexis Numerique has announced via their Facebook page that Amy is also coming to PC but it'll be several months after the PNS/XBLA version.

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BeastlyRig3448d ago (Edited 3448d ago )

yeah!!! I don't know if I want it though..

wasn't this a psn game? xbox gets it to I guess..

jdfoster003448d ago

It still is. The article is wrong. This is a psn timed exclusive then is coming to pc several months later. Don't know why they suggest it's coming out on xbl when they haven't announced anything. Only announced it on psn

Wolfie3447d ago

check their official facebook page "We're planning to have a PC release BUT it'll be several months after the PNS/XBLA version and we can't announce a date yet because we haven't totally finalized our distribution deals. That's the reason why we don't give too much details about it right now. We'll tell you as soon as it's settled"

Solid_Dave3447d ago

Um, this game looks cool. I guess?