How Insomniac Gave "Ratchet" Motion Control: An Experimental Process

How did this all come about? How did Insomniac put motion-control in the game, and how did the developers decide when to leave it out?

"Ratchet & Clank Future" creative director Brian Allgeier talked with MTV Multiplayer's Stephen Totilo about this last week. Among the things he found interesting was his talk of the problems of mixing motion controls and stick controls for unified bits of gameplay.

A short interview follows. Here's one highlight, regarding focus groups:

"And we found in our focus tests that there were some people that were fans of Sixaxis and some people that were not. So we made sure to give the option to turn it off."

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Milkman5414867d ago

They have fit it in the game perfectly, take note other ppl, this is how you need to add it in...

Maestro4867d ago

Lol, this game bombed in retailers.

Bladestar4867d ago

smart move.... sixaxis is not what Sony hope it was going to be... everyone knows what happened to Lair... If this game would forced sixaxis motion functionality it would be rated a 6/10...

rbanke4867d ago

I have to say, I hate having to use the motion controls in the games that have used it. I bought R&C and the way they use the motion sensing actually works well and doesnt bother me in the slightest. I didnt know they were on by default, and at one point I had to use the motion control and it worked really well.

They use it smart, they dont put it in everything, its only here and there which is how something like motion control should be used. For instance, at one point you are free falling and you use it to dodge trafic, nice and simple. At another point you use it to control what is basically a marble maze (those boxes where you tilt it to make the marble go where you like). and a couple weapons also use it. I am happy with how it works, because they thought it out and it works well.