Eguchi won't compare Wii U with PS3/360, originality is most important

Nintendo’s Katsuya Eguchi would rather focus on what makes Wii U original rather than compare specs with the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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zeal0us3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

finally someone who realize you would be comparing a 2012 console to 2005 consoles.

tplarkin73441d ago

If it's not as powerful as 360/PS3, it's a problem.

silvacrest3441d ago

actually no, if its not MORE powerful then a PS3/360, its a problem

Elyxir-pSx3441d ago

It will be "MORE powerful" than the 360, that's for sure.

dcbronco3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

It will be a lot more powerful than both the 360 and the PS3.


That is usually how the companies measure success. Seems like a decent way to judge it if you plan to stay in business.

lizard812883440d ago

It will be so powerful, it will be able to bench press 500 lbs, and compete in triathlons.

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thugbob3441d ago

This just sounds like the controller is the only selling point. There has to be more that makes Wii U unique.

Blaine3441d ago

You'd think so, but that didn't stop the Wii from being extremely successful.

bwazy3441d ago

Guess that depends on what you define as successful. If from the US I assume you think that successful means "sold a crap ton"

SoapShoes3440d ago

It's about GAMES more than it is about being unique. Being different just for the sake of being different is mostly a terrible idea.

lil Titan3441d ago

i dont understand why people compare 360 to PS3 i mean you do see the difference in the quality of games that comes out right?

zerocrossing3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

While I'd like to agree with you it really comes down to preference, If you like Halo or Gears of War then 360 is for you, Where as if you like God of War or Uncharted PS3 would be you console of choice. If we're talking mulitplat then yeah PS3 will win every time, But like when it come to getting blood from a stone convincing MS's Mindless zombie masses (And I dont mean all Xbox fans, Just the ones drawling while reading this) is a waste of time that could be spent gaming ;D

admiralthrawn873441d ago

@zerocrosing. i agree with half your statement. but ps3 winning everytime on multiplats? where have you been all these years?

zerocrossing3441d ago

@admiralthrawn87 What I realy meant is it's better technically, The PS3 is superior under the hood but not in a popularity contest. When it comes to multiplat the difference is hardly notable but it does exist.

admiralthrawn873441d ago

rarely does it outperform 360 on a sales or technical level on multiplats.

dcbronco3441d ago


Actually it depends on the size of your company. If you're small, you go with the 360 and port to the PS3 or go 360 exclusive. If you're a big company, you have options.

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subtenko3441d ago

of course you cant compare wiiU to ps3. PS3 does remote play and transferring anywhere via wifi or 3g (ps vita)

WiiU you cant do that, so you cant compare that

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DragonKnight3441d ago

Except it's not original. It's just a blending of other ideas. And it looks like an Apple product. And it will come with unoriginal games. *sigh*

Knushwood Butt3440d ago

It's a total mystery to me why some people claim Nintendo are the kings of originality because they gave us the Wii and DS, yet their software is arguably the least original of the lot.

At the end of the Wii's life you would have thought they would make an effort, but we get crap like Wii Play Motion.

blumatt3441d ago

Just like with the PS3 and 360's launch, price is going to be most important. I hope the Wii U, PS4, and Xbox 720 don't cost anymore than $400. That would help us gamers out so much!

LocO_o3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

If M$ and $ony want a more powerful console with update tech then $500 is the magic number for the 720 and PS4 and that price is with both companies taken a loss.

It cost about $500 to build a PC that can run Crysis at 40 FPS.

Videocard: PowerColor AX4870 512MB
Price: $175

CPU: Intel Pentium E5200 2.5GHz Wolfdale
Price: $71

Motherboard: MSI P43 Neo3-F LGA 775
Price: $90

Memory: Crucial 2GB DDR2 SDRAM 800
Price: $23

Optical Drive: Samsung SH-S223F 22X DVDR
Price: $25

Hard Drive: Western Digital Caviar SE WD3200AAJS 320GB
Price: $50

Case and Power Supply: Rosewill TU-155 II 500 Black
Price: $75

In tech standard this is considered old tech and the 720 and 360 will need far more than this for the next consoles.

Edit: At below - I know that consoles are custom made. I was just throwing some figures out on how much it cost to build a decent PC that can run Crysis at 40 FPS, a game that I expect the next gen games to look and perform like.

Sony will probably use an updated Cell as it cost too much to develop a new one and MS will more than likely to the same.

kookie3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

What are you talking about lol, the graphics card will be custom made

madjedi3441d ago

Except ms and sony buying it in a massive bulk, will be able to get them at a further discount than you or i can. I don't think sony and ms will release another console above the $400 add to that you have another yr or 2 before them need the hardware, so it will be cheaper still.

Would rather focus originality than compare specs with the ps3/360, nice idea the problem is a majority of nintendo lineup is continued from the nes/snes with the newest pikman being a gc game.

Now does this mean a positive shift at nintendo where the will try and bring out alot more new ip's to expand their enjoyable but old first party games.

Or is it going to be nintendo boasting about their new innovative controller and how critical it is to getting the full experience, not holding my breath on the first option.

dcbronco3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

Nobody will be going with off the shelf parts. Sony will probably go with a Modified Cell with 10-12 cores. MS will probably go with a modified Power8 CPU similar to what they have now but with a lot of new tech like 8 four thread cores. MS will also probably use another custom GPU based on ATI's upcoming architecture. But like Mad Jedi said, they will pay far less than we would in a store or online. And most likely MS will use a CPU/GPU on one die again to cut cost drastically. Both Sony and MS spent over $200 on their CPU and GPU(combined). MS will spend 30-40% less this time by using a fused chip.

I do like the way Nintendo is playing this. I'm not sure that they are fooling anyone but the fans though. If the others rush before they are ready. Their machines won't be as big of a jump over the Wii U in 2013. If they wait Nintendo will have two year headstart. But I do believe MS will release a new console next year also.

KILLERAPP3441d ago

Don’t blame the tools for lack of originality blame the developers, no many are willing to risk doing something new or innovated. Is all about money now they just can’t risk it, but are still developers try to make could things but those are the minority, you can create the most innovated game on any console you don’t need new tech for that…

Burning_Finger3441d ago

We wont have this graphics war, if the power is not important. This gen, the one with the bigger stick wins.

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