Call of Duty: Black Ops Shangri-La Achievements, Wonder Weapon and Info

In two days time the Annihilation map pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops will arrive, today we can confirm that as you would expect there will be 150 gamerscore points to earn whilst playing the Shangri-La zombies map on Xbox 360, we also have a full breakdown of the achievements which gamers need to earn, this gives us a little insight about Shangri-La.

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Paralex3443d ago

More DLC = more achievements. Call of Duty is the best. :)

SockMaster3443d ago

Ahh good luck, you will feel the wrath now that you have said that!

I agree with the first part of your sentence! The second part not so much...

Oldman1003442d ago

I game shared the recent map pack and Call of the dead on ps3 is one of the most unenjoyable gaming experiences i've had in awhile due to the absolutely terrible framerate. I can't believe people support these terrible developers and ripoff map packs.